How to make a full Northwestern Vietnam trip?

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A striking blend of jagged mountain ranges, lush valleys and jungle, the northern provinces of Vietnam are culturally diverse and largely inhabited by ethnic minorities. Explore Northwestern Vietnam’s most remote and rugged region with an unforgettable scenic road trip such as travel from Hanoi to Sapa, ... So how to make your trip full of the most unique experiences of the Northern Mountains?

How to make a full Northwestern Vietnam trip?
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First, What is your purpose for going to northwest vietnam?

  1. trekking
  2. sighseeing
  3. learn cultural characteristics

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However, the soul of each destination not only lies in the above three features, but it also hides a cultural treasure in typical dishes. Unlike other destinations in Vietnam such as the central or the south, the northern mountain region cuisine has a very strange flavor and makes a very strong impression. It comes from the herbs of the forest used to make spices to create a very unique flavor.

How to make a full Northwestern Vietnam trip?  1
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Famous dishes you probably know when participating in Sapa tours or Ha Giang, Moc Chau, .. is Dried Buffalo Meat. However, today's dish I would recommend is Smoked pork.

One cannot say they have explored northwestern Vietnam fully if they have not tried the "pork hung up in kitchen", otherwise known as smoked pork.

You can also find the dish in the northeastern region, especially Cao Bang province.

The main ingredients are intestines stuffed with minced lean pork collar and many spices. The cook either grills it on coal or stir-fries it. The result is an aromatic string of sausages that can be eaten all year round.

Get ready for a perfect trip to Northern Vietnam, exciting experiences are always waiting for you to explore.

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