3 This Adventure Experiences Will Excite And Delight You

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It’s time you did something amazing together. Vietnam is a nation full of natural beauty, interesting history (you’ll see influences from French colonialism), and delicious food. It’s an exciting and colorful destination that will rekindle your spark for adventure and each other.

Share this about 3 this adventure experiences will excite and delight you. From Halong Bay spectacular to bustling Saigon, you’re going on a grand tour of Northern Vietnam.

#1: Sipping a ‘Bia Hoi’ (fresh local brew) after sunset in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

3 This Adventure Experiences Will Excite And Delight You
Photo by Paul Arps
If you still have energy left after a day of exploration, sitting on plastic stools and enjoy “Bia Hơi” along the bustling streets after sunset in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. A must-visit for any first-time visitor to Hanoi. Open throughout the day and late into the night, the ever-bustling beer haven is located at the corner of Ta Hien and Luong Ngoc Quyen streets in the Hanoi Old Quarter, where you can see hundreds of people sitting on plastic stools with a pint of Bia Hơi in hand. 

Being available at numerous makeshift bars within that junction, Bia Hơi is a type of Vietnamese draft beer that only contains about 4% alcohol. Although it is not strong as European beer standards, Bia Hơi is incredibly cheap where you can enjoy a tall glass between VND 10,000 and VND 15,000.

#2: Experiencing the dramatic landscape of Halong Bay on the cruise.

3 This Adventure Experiences Will Excite And Delight You 1
Photo by Signature Halong Bay Cruise
Halong Bay, one of the most famous hotspots in Asia with dramatic landscape. This world heritage will never let you down because of its majestic and unique beauty. More than 1600 islands with many famous stories are what you should never miss in your tour.

Coming to Halong in Quang Ninh, enjoying breathtaking scenery and unique Vietnamese cuisine, so amazing Halong Bay cruise!

Let’s go on a Halong Bay cruise adventure! http://vietnamtypicaltours.com/location/halong-bay-cruises/

3 This Adventure Experiences Will Excite And Delight You 2
Photo by Jim 陳

#3: The hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City, and the strong Vietnamese coffee that will help you keep up.

Ho Chi Minh City, the largest and busiest city in Vietnam. It is a city of amazing contrasts: the finest hotels, exclusive restaurants and trendy bars side-by-side with roadside noodle stalls, street children and cyclo drivers. Golf courses, bowling alleys and shopping malls vie for space with the scrum of the markets, along with pagodas. Bustling, booming, crowded, noisy – all words that barely scratch the surface of the addictive and often mesmerizing chaos that is Saigon.

This trip will make your friends jealous! 😊 The fact that you’re living the life of a bright young thing. Vietnam is a popular destination for hip digital nomads, and now you’re exploring the country like a pro. 

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