Plum blossoms blooming early, sprung white all over Moc Chau valley

Nga Do
Not only a  pricot blossoms, plum blossoms also begin to bloom, which is why Moc Chau has become one of the most popular destinations for the youth’s Tet holiday tour.

As well as the famous beauty of the peach blossom in Sapa that attracts thousands of tourists to visit in the spring [TOP 10 best Sapa tours at], the plum blossom season has made Moc Chau one of the tourist hotspots in northern Vietnam.

Plum blossoms blooming early, sprung white all over Moc Chau valley

In the days adjacent to Tet, beside white apricot flowers, Moc Chau plum valley (Son La) begins to bloom with the first petals. The perennial plum roots come to the blooming season, bringing a unique beauty to Moc Chau land on the occasion of New Year’s Eve and Spring.

Like the flowers of the ban, mustard and wild anemones in Moc Chau do not grow sporadically but often bloom in hills or valleys, and plums are similar. Thousands of trees grow in rows, close together, sprung white. The whole valley of flowers clad in a pristine coat under the blue sky.

Plum blossoms bloom in thick clusters, thin petals embrace the yellow pistil. Just a strong wind blowing through will easily sweep the fragile petals into the air. Therefore, plum flowers are compared to young women who are in the spring, gentle and hard to touch.

Plum blossoms blooming early, sprung white all over Moc Chau valley 1

Normally, plum blossom blooms around the end of January to the beginning of February of the solar calendar and lasts for 2-3 weeks. At high temperatures, plum flowers will bloom early, whereas when the weather is cold, flowers will bloom later.

This year, plum flowers bloom early in the Mu Nui valley. The flowering period is not long, so if you want to admire the beauty of this flower here, visitors need to plan the Moc Chau garden in the coming days.

According to readers Maria Tuyen shared, if visitors want to check-in with Moc Chau plum flowers on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, they can come to Na Ka valley, the famous plum blossom paradise of more than 100 hectares. Currently, the plum in Na Ka has only blooming sparsely, to the adjacent New Year days, it is expected that the flowers will bloom.

Plum blossoms blooming early, sprung white all over Moc Chau valley 2

Coming to Moc Chau on a sunny day, visitors can feel all the beauty of the bright plum blossoms in the sunlight. Not only delight in watching the fragile, pure of white plum blossoms racing on blooming branches, visitors are also fluttering in front of the white plum hill throughout a majestic mountain air.

Plums are a "specialty" that attracts visitors twice a year for Moc Chau. Spring flowers bloom white sky, captivating hearts, summer laden with branches, bringing a rustic but exciting experience, drawing visitors to the Northwest land of many strange fragrant flowers.

Photo by Maria Tuyền_dulichtoday

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