SAPA, VIETNAM is really a disappointing destination?

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Sa Pa is one of the most attractive destinations for foreign visitors in Vietnam. National Geographic (USA) TV channel once ranked Hoang Lien Son (Sa Pa) in 7th place in the list of 28 most attractive destinations in the world in 2019.

Rough Guides has ranked Sapa as one of the top 10 most attractive tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.

But recently, Sapa has been ranked as one of the 10 most disappointing tourist destinations in the world by Family Globetrotters family-sharing blog.

So, Sapa Vietnam is really a disappointing destination for the 2020 vacation? Keep scrolling and read all all the quotes about Sapa, Vietnam in the article below.

SAPA, VIETNAM is really a disappointing destination?

Sapa - a construction site with cars, smoke and dirt

That seems to be all the complaints of tourists coming to Sapa, a haphazard town of jumbled urban development.

Say Sapa as a construction site is not right. Because as you can see, the sapa images are ruined, the buildings are all gathered in the town. In Sapa, there are still beautiful natural landscapes, attractive trekking paths, interesting and diverse culture of ethnic minority groups.

What makes tourists discouraged are muddy roads, excavators and bulldozers cluttering all day to the stagnant streets of Sapa.

Sapa town is in the development stage, the number of tourists increases, the demand for services increases, forcing Sapa to innovate to meet the needs of visitors. The construction only takes place in the town, when you go into the villages, the NATURE OF SAPA IS STILL THERE, there are still attractive natural landscapes, still diverse cultural customs, still experiences memorable there. Still there and waiting for you to explore!

Do not look at it from an angle, go into reality, look objectively. Do not miss the precious gifts that nature offers us humans.

Conclude: Sapa, Vietnam does not lose its inherent nature. However, if you are looking for a luxurious place, a modern, comfortable, smokeless city, Sapa 2020 is not for you.

Sapa still is great capital for trekking

SAPA, VIETNAM is really a disappointing destination? 1
Interesting trekking routes in Sapa, Vietnam. Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours
Nestled into  the mountains just south of the Chinese border, Sapa reminded us of parts of Peru and also part of Nepal. The towering green mountains shrouded in mist and fog makes for a breathtaking setting, the locals wear brightly colored clothing that look beautiful against the green mountainous backdrop.

Along with complaints about the deserted town in Sapa, the Family Globetrotters also had to admit that walking in Sapa with local tribes was wonderful.

It is undeniable that Sapa trekking tours in are the group of tours that are most interested in by our customer. If you are interested in this interesting experience, check them out at:

Whether you want to tackle Vietnam’s largest mountain—Mt. Fansipan—or you are happy with an afternoon stroll, there is a hike for everyone in Sapa. The Sapa Valley is a huge expanse of interconnected villages and hiking between them, up and down steep hills and between those iconic terraced rice paddies, is a beautiful experience.

SAPA, VIETNAM is really a disappointing destination? 2
Sapa still has wild trekking paths, spectacular landscapes. photos taken at Hang Da - Sau Chua on October 2019 by Vietnam Typical Tours

Even on a cloudy day, the mist clinging to the top of the hills gives the valley its own kind of surreal splendour.

Plus, you will often find yourself with no other company than a couple of grumpy buffalo or cute children.

Conclude: Sapa - The capital of Trekking in Vietnam with attractive natural landscapes, unique lifestyle culture. If you are looking for a destination that converges all elements such as beautiful scenery, unique culture, and charming trekking routes, SAPA IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!

So, is Sapa really a disappointing destination or not, we have detailed answers in many aspects. Hopefully, through this article you can better understand Sapa tourism today and get ready to plan an exciting Sapa and Vietnam trip!

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