Top 8 Best Destinations In Vietnam For Honeymoon 2020

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Perfect love, sublimated feelings are the feelings that people will enjoy the beautiful day of their honeymoon!

Which destinations will you choose to send your love to your lover in order to have the most magical holiday of your life? With dreamy landscape, the natural charm, vibrant colors, delicious food and inspiring scenery, honeymoon trips to Vietnam will bring the couples unforgettable and meaningful experiences.

Here are 8 best honeymoon destinations in Vietnam for your ideal one-in-a-lifetime honeymoon holiday package.

Top 8 Best Destinations In Vietnam For Honeymoon 2020


Hanoi is vibrant and charming, with traces of Chinese and French influence as well as colonial buildings and busy with locals on scooters going about their daily life. Step back in time to the Old Quarter with its maze of ancient streets and you'll find quirky shops selling bamboo handicrafts, karaoke clubs and boutique hotels.

Rub shoulders with the locals in bustling Dong Xuan Market, a foodie’s paradise bursting with numerous street food vendors, and discover hidden, ancient temples such as Bach Ma tucked away in alleyways. For something more peaceful, head to Hoan Kiem Lake to cross the Rising Sun Bridge to Jade Island and escape the hustle and bustle of Hanoi city.

Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh wows honeymooners by its splendid landscape and a wealth of charming historical sites.

Setting foot on this beautiful land, you will have an opportunity to paddle through stunning grottos and lush rice paddies in Tam Coc Bich Dong and Trang An, explore the largest pagoda in South East Asia and pay a visit to the ancient capital city in Vietnam. Two of you can also rent the bicycle to enjoy the peaceful spectacle of rural villages in Ninh Binh and easily take great pictures of the stunning limestone mountains dating back to millions years ago.

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Halong Bay

Little can prepare you for the beauty of Vietnam's UNESCO World Heritage Site Halong Bay. Cruising among its limestone cliffs and islets aboard a traditional junk boat, 1 night is recommended or if you have long 2 nights is also available. Swimming, rock climbing and squid fishing are just some of the activities that await you during your cruise, along with great food, sunset cocktails and comfortable en-suite cabins. This is one experience not to be missed and sure to be the highlight of your trip!


Lying in the very north west of Vietnam, Sapa is a small market town surrounded by the spectacular scenery of the Tonkinese Alps. With its mercifully cool climate, here you find beautiful valleys, waterfalls, verdant rice terraces and discover the authentic Vietnam of colourful H'mong and Dzao hilltribes who sell their produce and handicrafts in the town's market.

If you have ideas for your honeymoon with adventure trips in northern Vietnam, then Sapa, Ha Giang and Mu Cang Chai are the names you need to pay attention. Best itinerary for adventure tour:

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Da Nang

Normally going to Hoi An means that tourists will go a trip: Hue – Hoi An – Da Nang; however, if two of you do not want to extend the time on the road, it can be shortened by visiting only Hoi An and Da Nang. Two of you will be amazed at the beauty of a green city with many famous tourist destinations as the Golden Bridge, Bana Hills, Cham museum… You also get pleasure swimming on the blue beach, endless stretches of sand.

Hoi An

Charismatic and utterly enchanting, Hoi An is one of favourite towns in Vietnam, and should be top of your list if you're planning on visiting this magical destination. Taking a stroll, bike ride or rickshaw through the unique old quarter full of winding lanes and Chinese-style architecture dating all the way back to the 15th century.  Visit the Old Town to see ancient houses, assembly halls and traditional music shows, and wander the many temples that offer an insight into Hoi An's culture and beliefs.

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Da Lat - The City Of Love

If couples choose Dalat as their dating destination, this paradise of romance will surely not disappoint both of you. Not only is the flower city dreaming, Dalat is also the memorable city with the unique lifestyle in Vietnam. With a cool climate and romantic scenery, the “mist city” of Da Lat will certainly fill the trip with sweet things for the lovers.

Many unforgettable moments in Dalat for you is hand in hand going through every corner, enjoying the beautiful scenery, or the hot coffee in cold weather together. Also, you can visit the strawberry garden and Lang Biang, the Valley Love – iconic destinations for romantic love.

Phu Quoc Island

Relax in your hammock, gaze over the splendid natural beauty and soak up this heavenly island: welcome to Phu Quoc.

This small palm-fringed island is beloved for its perfect shores, lush green National Parks and peaceful feel. Floating in the clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand, this barely-touched destination is home to dense, tropical jungle and kaleidoscopic coral reefs, perfect for a spot of snorkelling. Hop around the surrounding islets, or take a trip into Duong Dong for a spot of Vietnamese culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Honeymoon Destinations In Vietnam

#1: Is Vietnam a good honeymoon destination?

Vietnam is a beautiful Southeast Asian country with pristine beaches, sparkling bays, dramatic landscapes, and vibrant culture. All these features with a plethora of activities to do, make honeymoon in Vietnam exciting and thrilling.

#2: When should I go to Vietnam?

Spring which is from February to April and autumn which lasts from August to October is a good time to visit Vietnam.

#3: What is Vietnam famous for?

Vietnam is famous for its natural landscapes, breathtaking views, ancient history, and vibrant culture. Vietnam has also earned worldwide popularity for items such as Vietnamese Coffee, Silk, Brocade and Ao Dai.

#4: What is there to in Vietnam on a honeymoon?

Here are some of the most romantic things to do in Vietnam which will make your honeymoon vacation a dreamy affair:

1. Spend time at Valley of Love cuddles by the romantic scenery
2. Have a romantic date at Nhat Beach or the famous Shark Bay known for its turquoise water and rock rapid.
3. Get to Hon Thom island by cable car to enjoy the panoramic views of the island.
4. Trek to Love Waterfall in Sapa which is surrounded by magnificent natural scenery.

Beyond these above destinations, there are a lot of great ones for honeymoon holidays throughout this beautiful country. Travel to Vietnam now to explore them in your own ways! If you are planning to come to Vietnam then let us - Vietnam Typical Tours accompany you throughout your stay in Vietnam.

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