Top 10 Best Places To Travel To Vietnam In January

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Vietnam is always beautiful around a year, but January is one of the best time to visit. Vietnam will help you to experience an interesting contrast in climate types between the North and the South at this time. With the perfect weather: dry, warm and sunny, you can choose this time for your journey and this article will show you where to go in Vietnam in January.

Top 10 Best Places To Travel To Vietnam In January

Highlights information about Vietnam weather in January:

January in Vietnam is one of the best months for tourism activities and also the month with the most diverse weather characteristics throughout the country. January is the first month of the year in the Gregorian calendar but the last month in Lunar year. This makes the atmosphere in Vietnam generally bustling, festive and happy.

North Vietnam in January is blessed with the prime of winter which brings almost no rain, dry air and low temperature (avg. 10-15 degrees Celsius). Water activities in Halong Bay, Cat Ba island and other beaches in north Vietnam are quite impossible because of the cold temperature. In Sapa, there’s a chance that it might snow.

Central and South Vietnam in January are warmer than North Vietnam with average temperature at 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. If you’re seeking some tropical sunlight then we suggest you to go south.

Where to travel Vietnam in January?

There are a lot of things to do in Vietnam from north to south in January. In north, you can enjoy the festive atmosphere when lunar new year coming so close. In central and south, beach paradises and pristine islands are in the best time for swimming, snorkeling and diving.

Top 10 Best Places To Travel To Vietnam In January 1
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#1: Hanoi with Lunar New Year holiday 2020

Hanoi is one place you must visit in Vietnam regardless of the season or occasion. It is, after all the capital of Vietnam. It offers a spectacularly all-rounded view of what the personality of Vietnam truly is: progressive, innovative and beautiful. The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology located here will give you excellent insight into authentic Vietnamese culture and how it has evolved over time. If you’re an artsy type you can have a look at the fine arts museum or listen to classical music at Hanoi Opera House while the nature lovers will be dazzled by Hoan Kiem lake.

Especially, January is the time for Vietnamese New Year holiday. Coming to Hanoi in January, you will see the bustling atmosphere preparing for the biggest holiday of Vietnam.

Top 10 Best Places To Travel To Vietnam In January 2
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#2: Sapa, Ha Giang with peach flower blossom

Spring, especially the time during Tet holiday – the lunar new year in Vietnam – peach flowers in Sapa, Ha Giang are blooming between January and February. Pink peach blossoms can be found everywhere, so much that people often call North is “Heaven of Highland Flower.”

Top 10 Best Places To Travel To Vietnam In January 3
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#3: Moc Chau with plum flower blossom

During January, Moc Chau boasts a lush, poetic beauty when the plum flowers bloom all over on the green hills. Come to the villages of Thai, Hmong, Dao minorities for such sights. It would be a wonderful experience if you can join the joyous, festive and lively atmosphere of the people here.

Top 10 Best Places To Travel To Vietnam In January 4
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#4: Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh in January is the dry season. At this time, the northeast monsoon from China comes down with cold air. However, the mountains have blocked some cold so the Ninh Binh weather in January is quite cool now. Sun rays are enough to make the body feel more active.

This time is close to the Lunar New Year of the Vietnamese. Everyone is busy preparing for a family spring. Colorful flower markets are waiting for you in Ninh Binh. The Spring Festival is also being quickly launched. Make sure you have immortal memories when attending these festivals.

Top 10 Best Places To Travel To Vietnam In January 5
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#5: Halong Bay

This spot has generated tremendous attention for years. It is entitled as one of the most stunning and fascinating travel destinations in Vietnam. Halong Bay is quite cold in January, nevertheless, it is perfect for a few nights of relaxation on a cruise.

This World Heritage Site is the house of many outstanding islands and beautiful natural caves. If you visit Vietnam in January, a cruise to Halong Bay should not be skipped out in your itinerary.

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#6: Hue

January is the perfect time to visit Hue. The rains are not aggressive anymore and the weather is temperate, with temperatures that stay between 20 degrees Celsius and 24 degrees Celsius. It is neither too hot and humid nor too cold and wet during the day, which is wonderful for pleasantly exploring the city.

Most annual festivities are held during this time of the year, such as Tet (Lunar New Year – between January and February). There you can enjoy cultural shows, spring markets, traditional music performances, royal ceremonies, and seasonal local dishes.

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#7: Hoi An

Another area that is a must-see when traveling to Vietnam in January is the old town of Hoian. This location is also another World Heritage Site. This ancient city is found on the central coast and usually has wonderful weather in January.

It has a splendid architecture that is a representation of the Nation’s history. There are several canals flowing through the town, which provides an added attraction. Hoian is a must-see place when visiting Vietnam in January.

Top 10 Best Places To Travel To Vietnam In January 7
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#8: Nha Trang

The city of Nha Trang is a pleasant spot for beach activities. This city is a coastal resort located in the South of Vietnam. There are many gorgeous beaches with little offshore islands which provide marvelous diving sites.

The leading beach is a curving stretch plastered with hotels and restaurants, also the perfect spot for adventurous travelers who look for the best place to visit Vietnam in January.

Top 10 Best Places To Travel To Vietnam In January 8
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#9: Mekong Delta

January is an excellent time to visit this region since there is usually very little rain and it is much cooler than usual. This Delta consists of a network of swamps, rivers and little islands. It is also home to many floating markets.

Travel is primarily conducted via boat in this part of Vietnam. You can experience a mekong tour starting off from Ho Chi Minh City that guarantees to be blown your mind away.

Vietnam is a beautiful country with many attractions. Traveling to Vietnam in January is a wonderful idea. However, when visiting Vietnam in January you should always be mindful of the different weather experience in the country. Did you plan anything for your trip to Vietnam in January? Pin and share this article for some travel ideas.

Top 10 Best Places To Travel To Vietnam In January 9

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