Suggested Itinerary For Relaxing Trip To Northern Vietnam In 5 Days

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If you are coming to Vietnam for the first time, the North will be on your must-see list. Relax on a luxurious cruise, admire the breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay or enjoy, warm your stomach with Hanoi's delicious food. A true relaxing journey! So for 5 days, what will you do in northern Vietnam to make your trip relaxing in its own right?

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As you know, northern Vietnam is the only place in Vietnam favored by the breathtaking natural scenery. It is the most popular place for international friends to visit Vietnam. Actually, 5 days is a very short time to travel, but I would like to suggest some interesting experiences that you can accomplish all of them in 5 days.

#1: Wandering around Hanoi and enjoying delicious food

Suggested Itinerary For Relaxing Trip To Northern Vietnam In 5 Days
Photo by Alexey Komarov
Hanoi is both the political capital and culinary capital of Vietnam. Iconic Vietnamese dishes like Pho and Bun Cha both originated in Northern Vietnam. And while you can now find them all over the country (and the world), many people still believe that the best version of both dishes is still found in Hanoi. Besides visiting some unique architectural works, Hanoi cuisine will be a special thing to hold your feet.

#2: Bamboo boat ride through the limestone mountains in Trang An

Suggested Itinerary For Relaxing Trip To Northern Vietnam In 5 Days 1
Photo by Richard Mortel
Trang An by boat is the first activity of choice for traveler in Ninh Binh. Boat is special activity in Vietnam, attracting crowds of people from all over the world come to this city to admire a lot of caves and temples while you also can enjoy a peaceful boat trip.

Limestone mountains grow out over the river, it makes a wonderful look – out over the river. It is therefore not uncommon to see a city with the interest of visitors.

You can also easily visit Mua Cave, Thai Vi Temple or Tam Coc area. Because these destinations are not so far away from each other.

#3: Relax on the Halong Cruise

Suggested Itinerary For Relaxing Trip To Northern Vietnam In 5 Days 2
Photo by Signaturehalongcruise
Being recognized as the Natural Wonder of the world by UNESCO, Ha Long Bay is among the worth-visiting destination in Vietnam for every tourists in both domestic and international who love discovering nature as well as exploring wonderful works of the Mother Nature. Visitors can not only relax, enjoy cuisine but they also have opportunity to join a lot of activities in Halong Bay. 

Along with a number of interesting activities, From kayaking around the myriad of islets and there are always some things for you to enjoy while at sea.. Halong Bay deserves the best place to relax.

If you are satisfied with the suggestions above, what are you waiting for, book a relaxing trip to Northern Vietnam at:

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