Best Itinerary Of Sapa Halong Bay Tour Package 2020

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If you are not sure how to best plan your trip to the Northern part of Vietnam, this is a perfect start for you. With a short 4 days trip is customized for those whom love stunning nature and exprience different cultures, getting away from crowded cities. Luxury Nature and Exotic Cultures are the highlights of the best north Vietnam tour package.

Best Itinerary Of Sapa Halong Bay Tour Package 2020

Sapa Halong Bay Tour Information

Set an overnight train headed near the northern Chinese border to the stunning rice field tiered mountain sides near the town of Sapa. You get an amazingly authentic experience hiking to a local village in the mountains before returning back to Sapa town for a night stay in our 3-star hotel. You will head back to hanoi for the next leg of the journey. Next take sail through Halong Bay in style on elegant ship. After a big day around the bay and a lovely night sleep on board. Finish your trip in Vietnam’s capital city, Hanoi.

Day 1 - 2. Come to Sapa, Vietnam – Savoring the beauty & tranquility of “A Town in Cloud”

Sapa - "Town in Cloud" offers you a good view of colorful hill tribes and fabulous rice terrace. 

Tucked high in Vietnam’s far north region, close to the Chinese border, Sapa boasts with Fansipan – Vietnam’s highest peak. That 3,143 – meter Mount looms overhead, while the surrounding valleys feature terraced rice paddies and blazing green fields, riddled with fast-flowing streams. In addition, Sapa is also home to several ethnic minority groups, all wearing their traditional and colorful attire.

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Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours

What to experience in Sapa?

#1: Trekking though villages and sensing its charm.

The villages in Sapa are an indispensable part of Sapa tours. Along with the beautiful scenery of the mountains and forests. In Sapa, in addition to the Kinh people. There are five ethnic groups including the H'mong are the largest, followed by red Dao, Giay, Tay and Xa Pho.

Trekking, discover many off the beaten path villages including  Ban Ho Village, Cat Cat Village, Lao Chai Village, or Ta Van Village. For anyone, trekking in Sapa is also a must try experience in Sapa. This experience leave you a deep impression and memorable memories in life.

TREKKING - A Must Do Experience in Vietnam. See more best places for trekking in Sapa:

#2: Enrich your knowledge with local tradition & culture

But sightseeing is not everything that the good Sapa tours have to offer tourists, its local tradition & culture are also something that made the attraction of Sapa.

Visiting Sapa is also a great chance to observe Vietnamese ancient tradition and cultural highlights. One of the most interesting activity is joining the “Love Market” where ethnic minority people go to find their life-long partner. Besides, you can visit Muong Hoa Valley by going hiking and trekking through the lush and green valley. Then, meet the friendly locals en route and stay overnight in a home-stay in the villages.

Day 3 - 4. Explore Halong Bay – UNESCO world cultural heritage of Vietnam 

Not only declared as The World Heritage Site and One Of Seven Natural Wonders, but Halong Bay has also been praised and written about by many thanks to its magnificent beauty. 

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Photo by Mariamichelle

What to discover in Halong Bay?

#1. The intriguing limestone islands & islets 

Halong Bay has nearly 1900 uninhabited limestone karsts and islets, in various sizes and shapes, which rise dramatically from the emerald-green sea.

The islands have cave systems, several of which can be visited, and whose stalactites and stalagmites can appear to be mythological creatures or fantastical animals.

The evocative shapes of the many islands encountered in the bay have given rise to many special names such as “Trong Mai” (the name of two chicken-shaped rocks facing each other), “Ga Choi” (which means the fighting cocks).

#2. The amazing karst caves

Many caves have been discovered in the bay and those that are accessible have been opened up and lighting installed to highlight their ethereal beauty. 

One of the most beautiful caves you shouldn’t miss is the Thien Son Canh Cave. In the reflection of the lights, the walls, stones, and stalactites appear to glisten like stars in the night sky

#3. The peaceful floating markets

Floating villages in Halong Bay is where people have lived a way of life that has changed little over the centuries. The villages are an integral part of the setting, with their colorful wooden houses bobbing and down on the sea. 

A visit to Vung Vieng floating village in Bai Tu Long Bay entails traveling from the main cruise boat in small traditional bamboo basket boats, just like the ones used by the villagers to move around or the children to attend the floating school.

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This tour covers the essence of Hanoi, Sapa and Halong Bay, the most popular destinations both country- and region-wise. So, don't miss!

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