Winter in Sapa: 6 Magical Things to do

Nga Do
The magic of winter in Vietnam is very much underrated. We are all in love with Vietnam at least a little and while the spring and autumn seasons are beautiful you should also consider a visit during wintertime.

It isn’t just crispy cold. Well, it is cold but thanks to that, Sapa’s magical places turn even more magical during those cold winter nights.

Winter in Sapa: 6 Magical Things to do
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours team

Is winter a good time to visit Sapa?

Winter in Sapa is cold and humid, especially during the night. However, sunrise on these days in Sapa is just so appealing. Waking up early and sitting on top of one of the streams to watch the sunrise in the early morning is a top thing to do in Sapa. In this season there’s also snow, but it’s not the same kind of snow as those in some temperate countries. Snow in Sapa is just groups of tiny snowflakes that fall from the clouds. A lot of tourists come to Sapa during this time to enjoy the snow.

When is winter in Sapa?

Sapa winter takes place from December to February. Snow practically falls at the end of december which is the great time for a Christmas and New Year holiday. The cold in Sapa is different from that of other cities in Vietnam thank to snow. It is also distinguished from that of Western country because of the bitter cold as a result of typical tropical climate.

Sapa is the best destination for Christmas and New Year holidays in Vietnam.

Winter in Sapa: 6 Magical Things to do 1
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours team

What is Sapa like in the winter?

1| Wandering around the streets

Go sightseeing Sapa in the winter is also a very enjoyable experience that you should try once. Maybe the weather makes you feel cold at first but the misty roads, and snow are really beautiful scenes you should not miss. And it seems that the cold of Sapa winter only makes people come closer so that no distance, no longer afraid to hold hands, or hug people around. It will be even more fascinating when you are sipping a cup of warm tea.

2| Fansipan Cable Car

From Fansipan cable car cabin, you can witness the spectacular view of the landscapes below from the poetic Muong Hoa Valley to cloud-covered mountain ranges. The photo opportunities are endless with this 15-minute ride, where you can travel in-style and still get a sense of adventure that the sceneries offer.

Winter in Sapa: 6 Magical Things to do 2
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours team

3| Gorgeous Landscapes

Tourists will certainly be overwhelmed by the majestic beauty of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range (dãy Hoàng Liên Sơn). On clear days, visitors will totally admire the vastness and magnificence of the Northwest mountains and sky. Floating clouds like in heaven will be the perfect background for your “check-in” photos. Viewing panoramically, you will see villages of ethnic minorities. The whole Sapa in winter city become such tiny when seeing from “The roof of Indochina.” 

The green terraced fields are specialties of Sapa in winter in particular and the Northwest region in general. Looking down on the terrace fields of ethnic villages from a different angle. Stops along the way up are essential since the tourists include all ages. Partially hidden in the cloud sea, spiritual architectures are one of the major reasons that attract people to Fansipan. The ancient temple lies peacefully in the fanciful scenery. You will feel like you are above the clouds when reaching the top of the mountain.

Admiring the magical scenery at sunrise or sunset in the mountain is always an unforgettable experience for those who love nature. The poetic scenery captured when the sun is about to go down the mountain.

Winter in Sapa: 6 Magical Things to do 3
Photo by Dustin_Do

4| Enjoy misty Sapa

Sapa is known as the fanciful town in fog in Vietnam, especially in the winter when Sapa will be submerged in cold mist. The scenery is poetic by the roofs, the roads, the hills covered with a silver color. Visitors coming to Sapa to travel in the winter, especially in December and January will have chance to enjoy the cold of European countries when the outdoor temperature is sometimes below 0 degrees Celsius.

Winter in Sapa: 6 Magical Things to do 4
Photo by Thai Nhi

5| Watch Snowfall

Under the cold weather, now Sapa also has ice and snow in the winter. We have thought that this can happen only in the Western countries, but now even in Sapa, Vietnam we can watch snowfall. Therefore, if you want to have a fun experience with snow like in Europe, please make a plan right away.

6| Enjoy must-eat dishes in Sapa

Sapa is famous for a wide range of delicious and unique dishes. Grilled skewered food may be one of the most delicious delicacy that all visitors wish to try at least one. Grilled dishes and hot pot is the food to throne in the cold season, the colder the better and the more delicious. As a result, enjoying these two Sapa dishes is the most exciting and memorable experience in the world. Sapa is also known as the kingdom of specialty vegetables eating with pork, buffalo meat, … so the taste of barbecue, hot pot here is different and better than grilled dishes in other regions.

Furthermore, do not forget to fulfill your belly with many local food in Sapa, such as: Thang Co (Thắng cố), Sapa Cap Nach pig (Thịt heo cắp nách Sapa), Pau Play Day cake, Salmon Sour Hotpot, Bamboo sticky rice (Cơm lam), Brook fish, Tao Meo wine, ….

In Sapa in winter, we can shake off all the sorrow of life to leisurely enjoy the fresh air and charming environment. Do not hesitate any more! Let's plan for this year's winter vacation in Sapa and BOOK NOW for memorable trips in life.

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