The Most Interesting Experiences In The Vietnam For 12 Days

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With its gripping history, mesmerizing landscapes, yummy food, and vibrant energy, Vietnam will awaken all your senses and pull you in from all angles. Visiting Vietnam feels like a trip you’ve never taken before - the best is to expect nothing and enjoy the thrill, serenity, and relaxation of it all.

you will be fascinated by it all– the millions of scooters, the crowds in Hanoi, the delicious food, the majestic rice fields, Vietnamese coffee, ‘Happy Water’ and the friendly locals.

This is entire the most interesting experiences in the Vietnam Discovery Tours 12 Days.

First of all, an authentic itinerary for a Vietnam discovery in 12 days, where should you go?? This article will be a suggested journey to visit the most outstanding destinations of Vietnam stretching from north to south.

Tour route: Hanoi - Sapa - Halong Bay - Hoi An - Hue - Ho Chi Minh city - Mekong Delta.

Interesting experiences start ...

The Most Interesting Experiences In The Vietnam For 12 Days
Photo by Arnie Chou

1/ Wander the Old Quarter of Hanoi

Located in northern Vietnam, Hanoi is such a joy to wander. For us, the Old Quarter is the highlight of Hanoi. It can be a bit chaotic, with crowded sidewalks and streets, exotic, colorful food for sale, and motorbikes zipping everywhere. But that is all just part of the experience.

If you are traveling to Vietnam for your first time, try not to make Hanoi your first stop. It can be overwhelming at first (but that is also part of its allure). You may want to visit more low-key cities such as Hoi An or Hue before visiting Hanoi.

If you want to wander around Hanoi for a day, the Hanoi City Tour One Day is the best!

The Most Interesting Experiences In The Vietnam For 12 Days 1
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours team

2/ Trekking in Sapa

One of the best things to do in Vietnam is following one of the incredible hiking trails in the region of Sapa. Rice terraces, buffalo lazily chewing on the grass, traditional villages and the smiling faces of the locals make this area truly enjoyable. And for us, this is another spot in Vietnam just waiting to be explored.

The Most Interesting Experiences In The Vietnam For 12 Days 2
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours team

3/ Cruise Halong Bay

Halong Bay is an indispensable destination in highlight Northern Vietnam package. It is one of Vietnam’s most recognizable sites. Towering limestone mountains lie scattered in the emerald waters of the bay. Two and three day cruises are offered. If you have the time, the three day cruise lets you explore farther into the Halong Bay, for a more authentic, memorable experience.

The Most Interesting Experiences In The Vietnam For 12 Days 3
Photo by thanhhoa tran

4/ Hoi An, A Favorite of Many Travelers

Hoi An, an ancient city in central Vietnam, is absolutely a must-see on a trip to Vietnam. Honestly, if you only go to one place in Vietnam, it should be here.

The ancient town of Hoi An is a photogenic area filled with some of Vietnam’s best restaurants, best shopping, and best historic sites. Just a short ride away are beautiful beaches and rice fields to explore.

Hoi An is the quintessential destination in Vietnam. Put this city on the top of your list!

The Most Interesting Experiences In The Vietnam For 12 Days 4
Photo by pxhere

5/ Tour the Imperial City of Hue

Hue was the seat of the Nguyen Dynasty from 1802 to 1945. You can tour the Imperial City, which resembles a smaller version of the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. There are also various tombs to visit as well.

The Most Interesting Experiences In The Vietnam For 12 Days 5
Photo by Phil Whitehouse

6/ Get a History Lesson at the Cu Chi Tunnels - Ho Chi Minh city

The Cu Chi Tunnels are an immense network of tunnels used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. The tricks and methods the Viet Cong used to confuse and baffle American soldiers are amazing. A visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels is an immersive history lesson that even kids find very interesting.

The Most Interesting Experiences In The Vietnam For 12 Days 6
Photo by Marco Verch Professional Photographer and Speaker

7/ Cruise the Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta, located at the most southern reaches of the country, is also called the “rice bowl.” The Mekong River snakes its way through Southeast Asia, starting in China, flowing past Laos and Cambodia, and finally ends here, before dumping out into the South China Sea.

It is here, in this southern part of Vietnam, that the Mekong sends out numerous tributaries and rivers, forming a huge network of canals. These canals link rice farms and towns, a tropical maze that is a joy to explore by boat. Spend a day or spend a week and visit this colorful, bustling part of Vietnam.

Have you ever been to Vietnam? What were the things to do in Vietnam that you enjoyed the most?

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