Drone And Things To Know about Drone in Vietnam

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In order to get unique aerial shots at attractive destinations in Vietnam such as Sapa or Halong bay, Drone is a necessary and sufficient condition. This article is a complete guide about Drone regulations and links for people flying drones in Vietnam.

Drone  And Things To Know about Drone in Vietnam
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Vietnam drone regulations

According to Vietnam’s national aviation authority, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV), flying a drone is legal in Vietnam, but we recommend being aware of and compliant with the drone regulations listed below before doing so.

If you’d like to contact the CAAV directly before you travel with any questions you might have, here is their contact information: tinbai@caa.gov.vn / +84 04-38722394

General Rules for Flying a Drone in Vietnam

Based on our research and interpretation of the laws, here are the most important rules to know for flying a drone in Vietnam.

─ A unique flight license is required for every drone flight conducted in Vietnam. Applications must be submitted at least 14 days before the planned date of the flight to the Operations Bureau of the General Command Post of the Ministry of Defense.

─ Drones may not be used to carry radioactive substances, flammable, or explosive materials.

─ Drones may not be used to launch, shoot or jettison harmful objects or substances or those containing hazards.

─ Drones may not be mounted with aerial equipment and / or used for aerial videography or photographing activities without a license issued for that purpose.

─ Drones may not fly flags or banners, release leaflets or otherwise be used for propaganda purposes.

─ For more information on Vietnam’s drone laws, see this decree issued by the Vietnamese government.

Know something we don’t about drone laws in Vietnam? Send us an email at info@vietnamtypicaltours.com. We are not international aviation attorneys and do our best to keep this page up-to-date for drone pilots, but the reality is that given the pace of the small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) industry and how governments are responding, drone regulations in Vietnam can change throughout the year, and those changes can be hard to track. If we missed something, please reach out to let us know.

Want to get a feel for the kind of footage you could get flying a drone in Vietnam? Here is an example: The video was shot in Hoang Su Phi, Vietnam. Video by Giang A Phon:

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