Sapa tour in October: Cloud Hunting Season In Sapa

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➤ Timing is crucial - October is the best time to visit Sapa!

If you are planning to go to Sapa in October, the tribal hill village would be an interesting place for tourists to explore. After a long journey, you can relax and chill out in authentic herbal tub in Ta Phin Village. It is really helful for your health.

Sapa tour in October: Cloud Hunting Season In Sapa
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours team

Why should you check out our Sapa travel experience in October?

Perhaps you have also read other articles before reading this article of us. There are many articles about Sapa travel experience in October, most of the previous information is old, Sapa in 2019 has had too many changes, many new things, the previous information was no longer accurate and the author seems to have forgotten those articles without updating and supplementing.

Our working team has lived and worked in Sapa for many years, the information and experience shared in this article was written by our team for October 2019, which is also the Latest information and experience.

Should Sapa tour in October?

If you feel that you are standing higher than the clouds, bursting and overwhelmed by the sea of white clouds floating, flat and beautiful to bewitching not satisfy you, then you should not go to Sapa in October. 😊

Sapa weather in October

Surely many will wonder "Is Sapa weather cold?", How is the weather in Sapa in October? Does Sapa rain in October?, The answer is right here. Sapa in October has been autumn, quite cold, but it is not the cold of the cold winter days.

The temperature ranges from 12 degrees to 25 degrees, especially high places such as Fansipan peak and O Quy Ho pass or Hang Da village, the temperature will drop sharply, sometimes only 9 degrees - 10 degrees.

Sapa weather in October will have very little rain, because it is already in the dry season. So do not worry, just make a specific plan to come to Sapa right away, the rate of rainy days will be very low.

Sapa tour in October: Cloud Hunting Season In Sapa 1
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours team

What is special about Sapa tourism in October?

Sapa tour in October, the rattan hunting season starts. As I said, October is called by adventure travel lovers as the time to start hunting clouds, then lasts until March and April, but the October intercourse is the best. You will encounter the best moments of Sapa, however, not every time you visit Sapa in October, you can see the clouds sea.

In order to hunt clouds, firstly you need to understand briefly the principle of forming a sea of clouds. Clouds are actually water vapor rising from the ground, soaring up to meet the cold air condenses into clouds. The colder the sky is, the lower the cloud is, but Sapa is naturally high in terrain so standing on the clouds is very easy to meet.

There will be times when you stand in town and be immersed in a dense, white fog with limited visibility, which is the highlight of Sapa in October. Those who do not know will be bewildered that the trip of I will fail because of the fog.

Don't worry, this is a good sign to hunt for clouds, the town is blind but if you face up to the sky and still see the light, looking at the ground without seeing the wet road, it is the time to hunt for clouds.

At this time, all you need to do is move out of that lowland to higher places such as: Ham Rong mountain peak, Hang Da village, O Quy Ho pass or Fansipan peak, ... the opportunity to watch the sea of clouds is very high.

Sapa tour in October: Cloud Hunting Season In Sapa 2
Photo by Sun World Fansipan Legend

Sapa travel experience in October: go to Fansipan to watch the fire sunset.

A month with 30 days, up to 20 days there will be the firre sunset on Mount Fansipan. Enchanting scenery for visitors.

To watch the firre sunset on Fansipan peak, you only need to buy the cable car ticket (price ~ $ 31) you are 80% successful, the rest is by the time and a little luck. The first cable car trip to Fansipan peak at 6am, the last trip to Fansipan peak is 17pm, and the last trip from Fansipan peak to the cable car station is at 19h. You will consider how to be at the cable car station at 16:30 pm to go to the peak and wait for the sunset to enjoy.

Sapa tour in October to experience the Dragon Cloud glass bridge

Dragon Cloud glass bridge is scheduled to open on September 2, 2019 but due to bad weather affecting the progress, there is no specific opening time. Hopefully this October, the Dragon Cloud glass bridge will go into operation for visitors to have more memorable experiences in Sapa.

Review the most reasonable Sapa itinerary schedule:

The above are the small experiences that we want for you who intend to Sapa tour in October. It will be most accurate in October 2019. Maybe by 2020 many things will change, we will constantly updated. Wish you have a memorable Sapa tour in October.

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