Da Nang - City of the Bridges

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Danang’s bridges do not only contribute to the economic development of the city but also links all the tourist destinations in the city which now has a nickname – the city of bridges.

Here are the 5 most beautiful bridges in Danang city spanning the Han River.

- Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hill Danang

Da Nang - City of the Bridges
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As the most famous bridge in Da Nang and in Vietnam in 2018, Hailed by the world press as the world’s most striking pedestrian bridges.

Designed by TA Landscape Architecture, Golden Bridge is set in Thien Thai garden, Ba Na Hills and blessed with the magnificent scenery of the Ba Na Mountain. The bridge is 150m long, gilded and inspired by the idea of a golden silk trip held by the hands of gods.

On the footbridge side, lavender and Chrysanthemums are planted, adding even more colors to the sparkling bridge.

Not surprising, this striking appearance easily made Golden Bridge a tourist trend, not only to foreign travelers but also to domestic travelers.

Explore and join unforgettable experiences in Golden Bridge with Ba Na Hill One Day Tour

- Dragon bridge – World’s Largest Steel Dragon Bridge

Da Nang - City of the Bridges 1
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Rong Bridge is 666 meters long, it includes a dragon head (18.24m), body (680m) and tail (19.37m). Its width is 37.5m divided into a six-lane road.

The bridge’s head and tail are designed with dragons from the Ly Dynasty in mind. The bridge ejects fire and water every Saturday and Sunday at 10 p.m.

Before stepping on the tail of the bridge, tourists can visit Cham Museum which has more than 300 artworks made of terracotta and sandstone. All are dated back to the development of Cham people’s culture from 7th to 15th centuries.

Meanwhile, on  the other side - the head of the bridge, heading for about 200 meters, tourists can relax on My Khe Beach. The beach is suggested as an ideal place for tourists to swim, play beach sports games and enjoy seafood.

- Han River Bridge – The Only Swing Bridge in Vietnam

Da Nang - City of the Bridges 2
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Han River Bridge, the first swing bridge in the country - 487,7 meters in length, , while its width is 12.9 meters, including 11 spans. It was constructed in 1998, then finished two years later. It’s also a proud symbol of tourism of local people.

Crossing Han river, the bridge is the connection of two main roads of Le Duan Street and Pham Van Dong Street.

From 1:30 a.m. to 4 a.m. every day, it will swing 90 degrees. From there, tourists can shop at Han Market. Under the sunset, walking along Bach Dang Street along the river, tourists will see real life at play, as men enjoy Chinese chess on the sidewalk, sculptural works and many seafood booths.

- Tran Thi Ly bridge

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About 1 kilometer far from Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge is the oldest bridge among the bridges crossing Han river. The bridge was built by the French in 1950 with its first name De Lattre de Tassigny. Then, since 1975, the bridge was named after a courageous revolutionary activist Tran Thi Ly in the French-American period. Although she suffered many barbaric tortures, she was still brave to say nothing.

Tran Thi Ly Bridge, with its unique architecture, is a cable-stayed bridge. It is 731 meters long and 34.5 meters wide, including the main span of 230 meters. It highlights a 12-degree leaning tower with a height of 145 meters.

- Thuan Phuoc bridge

Da Nang - City of the Bridges 4
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Right at the sea mouth, Thuan Phuoc, the longest cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam with 1.8 kilometers in length and 18 meters in width, was inaugurated in 2010 with huge lights system. The bridge connects Danang city center with Tien Sa port. This is one of the best ideal places to have an incredible city view at sunset.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge at the end of Han river crossing Danang bay links with Son Tra Peninsula which is famous for Linh Ung Pagoda, Bai Bui, Bai Rang and Bai Da beaches. Standing on the bridge, tourists can see the five other bridges. Thuan Phuoc bridge is one of the most popular bridges in Danang you should visit on your Danang tour.

In addition to the famous bridges above, DaNang City has many other bridges with unique architectural features and particular meanings such asIn addition to the famous bridges above, DaNang City has many other bridges with unique architectural features and particular meanings such as:

- Nguyen Van Troi bridge crosses Han River- history witness of Da Nang City

- Tien Son bridge crosses Han River is where tourists can take a view of the magnificent Ngu Hanh Son Bridge.

- Love Pier is a wonderful place of long and lasting love, attracting crowds of couples who come to pledge their love and relish their sweet feelings.

- Hoa Xuan bridge, Nguyen Tri Phuong bridge and Cam Le bridge crosses Cam Le River

- 3-storey bridge at the Hue Crossroads - a unique bridge of Da Nang ...

All these stunning bridges share one same special feature: they are all great places to admire the beauty of city or mesmerizing sky of Danang, either at sunrise or sunset. It is probably also due to this perfect setting that these spanning bridges of Han river are home to the best pictures of Danang city, with thousands of amazing photos depicting the beauty of “City of bridges”. Let’s enjoy great bridges in Danang with our Danang city tour.

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