5 Great Things That The Sapa Homestay Experience Gives You

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Imagine yourself returning from a day of trekking to a local village in the Sapa, Vietnam. Friendly dogs and little children come out to greet you. A meal made with just-picked herbs and vegetables is cooking in the kitchen. There’s time to refresh yourself and relax in the hammock before joining everyone around the table for a delicious Vietnamese dinner.

Sapa’s homestays, where warm hospitality, tasty food and lovely locations are the norm. The experience of living with a ethnic minority family for a few days is something every traveller to Sapa should try. 

During your stay here, you will experience many interesting and memorable activities, here are 5 great things that the Sapa homestay experience gives you.

5 Great Things That The Sapa Homestay Experience Gives You
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Local hospitality

It’s safe to say the real highlight of a Sapa homestay is the people you’ll meet. Not only are Sapa people cheerful and hardworking, they treat their guests with genuine care and attention. Your homestay host wants nothing more than for you to relax, explore, eat well and enjoy yourself.

During your time at the Sapa homestay, you’ll have the chance to see local life up close. Talking to the host family, learning about culture and daily activities is done in the way of ethnic minorities here. You may strike up a conversation with childrens, cooks your breakfast, or enjoy your host’s hidden talents, such as flute-playing or folk singing. These authentic moments make travel worthwhile.

5 Great Things That The Sapa Homestay Experience Gives You 1
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Unique accommodation

While Sapa has its share of five-star hotels, nothing beats the one-of-a-kind experience you get in a real home. Each homestay is different, and you may be surprised by the many choices here. 

In the surreal landscape of the valley at the foot of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, you can stay in a stilt house made of wood, in front of charming winding rice fields, the scenery will be more wonderful if you go to the ripe rice season.

"Local life is also a beauty besides of the breathtaking nature of Sapa. Staying with locals with this Sapa Homestay Tour with homestay in Ta Van Village is a great option."

5 Great Things That The Sapa Homestay Experience Gives You 2
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Home-cooked meals

If meeting friendly locals is the best part of the homestay experience, the food is a close second. Sapa homestays are famous for serving up fabulous, fresh and delicious. You can expect your host to work with the local produce to create unique regional dishes.

In most homestays, you aren’t given a menu: you simply eat what’s prepared. But don’t worry — it’s always good (of course you can tell your host if you have dietary preferences.)

Unforgettable tours

Do you love a good adventure? Sapa’s homestays present the perfect opportunity for in-depth exploring, trekking, landscape, resorts, festival and very interesting thingsand very interesting things. Your host not only knows all the secret spots in the area, he or she can tell you just how to plan your excursion to see them at the best time.

5 Great Things That The Sapa Homestay Experience Gives You 3
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Value for money

Whether you’re travelling on a budget or have enough to splurge, no one can deny that Sapa’s homestays are amazing value for money. You may be surprised at the level of comfort and service you can get for just 10 USD to 15 USD a night (Prices depend on where you choose or when you come to Sapa). Because Vietnamese homestay hosts are so generous, you’re sure to receive more than your money’s worth. You’ll find homestays with separate rooms and some with shared rooms, but either way you should feel perfectly safe and at the same time, immersed in the destination.

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Wish you have a great journey!

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