30 MUST-TRY Experiences When Traveling Ha Giang

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➤  If you love Sapa, you will be crazy for Ha Giang!

It boasts of the most majestic and impressive natural landscapes in Southeast Asia, yet so many travelers overlook it. Ha Giang is a fascinating place where apart from an inspiring scenery, you have easy access to the most rural and authentic side Vietnam.

This travel guide of Ha Giang is packed with the most up-to-date reliable information and interesting experiences to plan your trip and start making your itinerary.

Let’s start!

30 MUST-TRY Experiences When Traveling Ha Giang

How to get to Ha Giang from Hanoi?

By private transfer:

From Ha Noi to Ha Giang about 300km, if you like to travel in the direction of your friends or change the way back to another road, you can completely run your motorcycle or personal car from Hanoi. Time to Hanoi - Ha Giang will be about 8 - 10 hours depending on speed, plus time rest.

By publish bus:

Ha Noi - Ha Giang bus routes usually depart from My Dinh bus station, time from 19-22h every night, there is also a daytime car but not many.

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Best time to visit Ha Giang

The best time to visit Ha Giang province in Vietnam is in the dry season, in the months from October to April. But you should also know, the winter months (December, January, February) may be very cold. It is not good to go to this mountainous area during the rainy monsoon season (May to September, landslides on the roads are possible).

The average temperature is approximately the same as in Hanoi. But in the mountain areas of Ha Giang the weather can change very fast. However, the amount of precipitation in the rainy season is higher than in Hanoi. It is recommended to pack your warm clothes.

30 MUST-TRY Experiences When Traveling Ha Giang 2
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30 Must-try experiences to visiting in Ha Giang

If you’re in Hanoi and wondering whether a trip to Ha Giang is worth it, you HAVE TO read this! These 30 travel experiences will really make you excited for an upcoming trip.

1. Enjoy the greatest grandeur on Ma Pi Leng Pass - the four great peaks of Vietnam

2. See peach blossoms blooming along the brilliant road on Lunar New Year

3. Sailing on Nho Que river in jade green

4. Visit Lung Cam to visit Pao's house and the yellow mustard flower field

5. Feeling the cold of the northern mountains of Vietnam

6. Stand on Lung Cu flagpole - sacred north pole of the country

7. See the unique unique landscape of Ha Giang's rocky plateau

8. Going to Ha Giang must definitely experience motorbike driving along Hanh Phuc road

9. Drink a glass of hot cocoa and look down at Quan Ba Heaven Gate

10. Eating Rice Wrapper Rolls With Eggs in Dong Van old town

11. Check in beautiful poetic Co Tien Mountain

12. Running a car in a white, hazy mist

13. Walking around Dong Van ancient town eating hot barbecue

14. Join to Khau Vai Love Market - The Unique Adultery Market in Ha Giang

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15. Check in Milestone 0 Ha Giang legend

16. Testing specialty buckwheat cakes

18. Visiting the Tham Ma slope, the slope challenges adventurers

19. Exchange and chat with babies on the way

20. Visit the H'mong King's Palace with old stories in history

21. Visit the Pho Bang town with the old houses

22. See stars and stars in Lo Lo Chai

23. Stand on the monument, listen to the sacred story of the Happiness road

24. Going to the market of ethnic people in Lo Lo Chai

25. Surprise before terraced fields Hoang Su Phi ripe rice season

26. Check in the Mau Due slope top on the way to Meo Vac, look at the long and curved roads

27. Ha Giang specialty - the bucwheat flower blooms flourish

28. Mothers hold their babies on their backs in a field of yellow mustard flowers

29. Enjoying a deliciously fragrant Cap Nach pork

30. Be ecstatic at the beauty of the Sung La Valley - where "stone blooms stone"

I hope you will also feel inspired in this post. Information about must-try experiences in Ha Giang will help you have a convenient travel. Don’t hesitate to discover and experience many new things in Ha Giang. You will not only find out unique culture but also have a lot of fun and make friends with locals. Wish you have a fun and remarkable trip in Viet Nam.

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