Foreign tourists compare beautiful SA PA like BALI

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The scenery in Sa Pa makes Kuwaiti visitors reminisce about Bali (Indonesia) trip with terraced fields and friendly people.

Fatima Al-Mattar and Sulaiman Al-Rawdan are two prominent bloggers in Kuwait, on a journey to explore Vietnam. After visiting Hanoi, Sa Pa, and Ha Long, they said that they have a strong impression from the landscape, people, cuisine to the culture of each locality.

For two days in Sa Pa, Fatima and Sulaiman visited Cat Cat village, trekking Lao Chai - Ta Van. "The terraced fields, nature and people here have many similarities with Bali," Fatima recalls. Two bloggers meet ethnic H'Mong and Dao people to learn about their life, costumes and culture. Fatima shares, the ethnic people are really friendly and possess a distinct identity, can recognize immediately through colorful costumes.


Foreign tourists compare beautiful SA PA like BALI
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In the early days in Hanoi, Sulaiman was excited to visit Hanoi with an old vespa, see Hoan Kiem Lake from an elevated cafe and enjoy pancakes. What makes this blogger even more impressive is how Vietnamese people make rice into many dishes with different forms such as Pho and vermicelli. "These foods are cooked with simple ingredients but bring great flavors. I felt inspired and took a cooking course in Ha Long," he recalls.

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Boy blogger then spent a night sleeping on Halong Bay cruise. "When I stood on the yacht's terrace and looked around, the natural scenery with the islands was gorgeous," he said. Sulaiman did not like long-distance cars with limited amenities, although he knew it was the fastest way to travel on this journey.

This is the second time Sulaiman Al-Rawdan came to Vietnam. Last year, male bloggers visited HCMC and explored the Mekong Delta. When in Ho Chi Minh City, he bought a set of ceramic bowls, plates and cups. So far Sulaiman still remember this Vietnamese brand name because of its unique design and quality of products.

After the North, two bloggers continued their journey to Da Nang, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc. The two-week long trip (5-18 / 7) was organized by the Vietnamese Ambassador to Kuwait to introduce destinations to this West Asian nation.

"Many Kuwaiti people, especially those who have gone to Vietnam, have a good impression of the country and people in the S-shaped strip of land. They see Vietnam as safe, terrain, beautiful and diverse landscapes, many high-class resorts, delicious food, affordable expenses, friendly people, though the ability to communicate in English is not really good, "said Trinh Minh Manh, Vietnamese Ambassador to Kuwait.

How about you? Are you ready for a journey in Vietnam?

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