Crossing Tokyo, Hoi An Is Honored As The World's Number One City

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The famous travel journal Travel and Leisure chose Hoi An (Quang Nam) to be the most wonderful city in the world, ranking on other famous places like Tokyo (Japan) ...

Crossing Tokyo, Hoi An Is Honored As The World's Number One City
Photo by François Guerraz
Opening the article honoring Hoi An, Tanner Saunders' writing of Travel and Leisure (T + L) says in the world there are many modern cities like New York (USA), romantic Paris (France), Kyoto (Japan) ... The rest, you can find special places that are hard to find words to describe.

After the poll of the world's most wonderful city in 2019, organized by the magazine with the victory of Hoi An in Vietnam, Tanner decided to come here for a trip.

This pen was immediately impressed by the special charm of Hoi An. Tanner described the place as an old-fashioned and distinct architecture, giving intense inspiration to visitors. What makes Hoi An really attractive in T + L's eyes is the peaceful and friendly people.

Crossing Tokyo, Hoi An Is Honored As The World's Number One City 1
Photo by Peter Stewart
When talking about Hoi An, Tanner also particularly emphasized the famous cuisine of the old town. The author of Hoi An's honorable article is very interested in pancake specialties, which he likens to "Vietnamese version of crepe". Tanner also advised people to try Vac cakes, another great specialty of Hoi An Street food.

"Hoi An cuisine is number one in Vietnam," this writer quoted a reader. Besides enjoying food here, Tanner suggests visitors to attend a cooking course to learn about Hoi An's culinary arts. According to him, before starting the class, everyone will be led by the chef to go to the market, shop and learn local food.

During his time in Hoi An, Tanner also participated in the Hoi An tour to watch the fish market early in the morning. When registering for this tour, visitors will board the boat to catch the sunrise, watching the ships return after the fishing night.

Crossing Tokyo, Hoi An Is Honored As The World's Number One City 2
Photo by dalbera
For those who are passionate about fashion, Hoi An is an ideal destination for famous textile shops. You can find a suit or a long shirt like this here.

After a long day of city culture experience, Tanner spent time by the beach to relax. "A cocktail will be perfect for sunset", T + L's pen ends.

10 best cities of 2019 by Travel and Leisure magazine:

10. Udaipur (India)

9. Florence (Italy)

8. Kyoto (Japan)

7. Tokyo (Japan)

6. Ubud (Indonesia)

5. Oaxaca (Mexico)

4. Mexico (Mexico)

3. Chiang Mai (Thailand)

2. San Miguel de Allende (Mexico)

1. Hoi An (Vietnam)

Hoi An - the world's number one destination 2019 under the corner of an international correspondent. Friendly people, ancient landscapes, excellent cuisine ... are the factors that help Hoi An (Quang Nam) become the world's number one city voted by Travel and Leisure magazine.

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