LUNG KHUY CAVE - The best worth place to see if you are in Ha Giang

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Ha Giang is known to visitors as a place with spectacular landscapes, green high mountains, immense terraced fields and a Global Geological Park of Dong Van Stone Plateau.

But if that's the case, then your trip to discover Ha Giang is not really perfect, because the hidden beauty of Ha Giang still lurks in other corner areas that you don't know.

At the town of Tam Son (Quan Ba district) in Ha Giang province everyone still pride themselves on the “first cave” of Lung Khuy – one of the precious gifts that nature has favored for this land. From the first steps to the Lung Khuy Cave, visitors will be amazed by the magnificent beauty, magic and splendor of the walls, cliffs and stalactites in the cave.

About Lung Khuy Cave

Lung Khuy Cave is the most beautiful cave in the rocky plateau, is a unique art masterpiece, sparkling, magical and wonders of nature and heritage contains many valuable geological. Lung Khuy Cave is located in the middle of the mountain, named after the village of the same name, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province.

The cave is located in a mountain area between the mountains and there are a few ethnic villages in the area, and you can still watch the lives of ethnic minorities. Lung Khuy cave is approximately 300m long and was open to the public and foreign tourists in the end of 2015.

LUNG KHUY CAVE - The best worth place to see if you are in Ha Giang 1
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Legend of Lung Khuy cave name

The cave shares its name with the Lung Khuy village of the Mong at the foot of a mountain. The cave is closely associated with a legend about a magical well in a love between a beautiful Mong girl and a dragon genie, who came down to earth to bring humans rain and water through a magic well. Lung Khuy means Dragon in Rocks. 

Nguyen Ngoc Hai is a visitor: “When talking about the cave, the locals often recall the legendary love story between a genie and a local girl. The cave is the magnificent shelter for the couple.”

How to get to Lung Khuy cave? 

Lung Khuy cave iss easily accessible from the town of Tam Son (Quan Ba district). The cave is located about 7 km from the town of Tam Son and the entire road (see below) is concrete, made to the village under the cave. You can ride a motorbike or use some mototaxi if you don't travel with a travel agency. If you come to the village, you have to walk about 1,5 km uphill to the entrance to the cave, the way is marked and you can not get lost. Motorbikes are left in the village (paid small car park). 

The journey will also offer some interesting views of the surroundings and mountain areas. The town of Tam Son is located about 50 km from the city of Ha Giang and can be your first major stop in this province. There are some small local buses from Ha Giang town to Tam Son, exact departure times are at the Ha Giang bus stop or ask the hotel.

The beautiful of Lung Khuy cave

Unlike other caves, stalactites and stalagmites in Lung Khuy are densely covered, pillars after pillars, overlapped, and zigzagged, blocking the cave.  The beauty of the stalactites and stalagmites amaze visitors. 

Pham Hung is one such visitor: "I’m so impressed with the untouched beauty of the cave. I have visited many before, but they are not as primitive as Lung Khuy. The Cave Management Board has made efforts to keep it intact.”

When to go?

Most people will tell you that the season in Ha Giang is September to November but, in reality, it does not really matter when you visit. It is true that the skies are clearest at this time of year and there is the Buckwheat Flower season which makes many fields look gorgeous. 

However, it is possible to visit at other times of the year. Take a look at average temperatures here. You should look carefully at the weather between January and March this is when it could be coldest and also in July and August as this is when it could be wettest. This year, 2016, has been particularly warm and dry so visiting in December was no problem at all, although, the haze makes it difficult to get good photos.

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Enjoy the specialties of Ha Giang when visiting Lung Khuy cave

Coming to Ha Giang, you shouldn’t return immediately. You should spend some extra time enjoying the special delicacies here. Ha Giang is famous for some famous specialties such as: thang den, thang co, bamboo-tube rice, 7 colors sticky rice, grilled chicken, barbecue…

Eat delicious and enjoy a little corn wine will be the most memorable when you come to Ha Giang. You can also find some other specialties to buy as gifts to give friends after this trip. Some delicious specialties to make as gifts: forest honey, dried buffalo meat, grilled mash, Shan Tuyet ancient tea, corn wine… Hopefully you will have a more interesting trip after consulting through the information above.

All in all, make your decision when on the ground after consulting several different weather services and feel free to contact Vietnam Typical Tours answers to any of your questions regarding Ha Giang trips in Vietnam.

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