Famous Shopping Streets in Hanoi Old Quarter

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A trip to the Old Quarter in Hanoi, Vietnam is a must for any first-time visitor to Vietnam’s capital. Set just a few minutes’ walk from Hoan Kiem Lake, the Old Quarter is an intricate warren of streets laid out in a millennium-old plan, selling almost everything under the sun.

The Old Quarter’s narrow streets are packed with family-owned shops selling silks, stuffed toys, artwork, embroidery, food, coffee, watches, and silk ties. There are plenty of great bargains to be had in the Old Quarter: you simply need to haggle the price down.

The Old Quarter’s shops attract tourists and locals alike, making this place a great destination to see the local color. The high tourist traffic has also developed a high concentration of travel agencies, budget hotels, and restaurants as well.

First-time visitor? Check out some Old Quarter streets may specialize in your object of desire:

Famous Shopping Streets in Hanoi Old Quarter
Photo: Juliana Ng

1. Dong Xuan Market - Shopping Areas in Hanoi

The Dong Xuan Market is a massive non-touristy market that can be found in the Old Quarter. Having more than a hundred stalls selling a wide variety of local goods, from household items, spices and everything else, this is the best place for shopping in Hanoi while getting a taste of the typical Hanoian life.

With your local host as your guide, exploring the massive market should be a breeze. The area around the market is also lined with loads of bustling shops especially when nighttime comes. And if you ever get hungry after several hours of walking, your local host can take you to one of the food stalls to enjoy some local specialties such as Pho Cuon (rice noodle rolls), Bun Cha (grilled pork and noodles) and Xoi (sticky rice).

Famous Shopping Streets in Hanoi Old Quarter 1
Photo: Bui Dung

2. Hang Trong for Boutiques and gift shops

Throughout the Hoan Kiem area, you will find stores selling standard Vietnamese handicrafts such as cushions, lacquerware, and linen. But Hang Trong's shops sell designs that are slightly more sophisticated. A personal favorite of mine is Chie Handmade (66 Hang Trong), which sells textiles, gifts, and clothing.

Famous Shopping Streets in Hanoi Old Quarter 2
Photo: laodongthudo.vn

3. Hang Dau for shoes

The most surprising thing about Hang Dau Street is that all shops in the whole market shops sell only one thing: shoes! Here, you can get a huge variety of footwear. The market street is lined with hundreds of shoe-sellers. They all have an abundant choice in ladies shoes rather than men shoes. Presently the street is famous for shoe market but, before that, it was popular for selling oil extract, which was beneficial for medical purpose. All shoes or footwear contain brand names, which made at factories of Vietnam that have rejected due to minor imperfections. So, you can make a great purchase of branded products in affordable prices.

Famous Shopping Streets in Hanoi Old Quarter 2
Photo: Xuan Hung/baomoi.com

4. Thuoc Bac for herbs

Thuoc Bac Street is the place sell the merchandise of unprocessed medicinal herbs of Vietnam. This street nowadays actually is the combination of many shorter streets with its distinct merchandises across the country. Store in this street quite simple with the baskets containing herbs meters at present living in the house to the ground from the threshold; drugs to whole stems, not cut their roots, tubers not slice, the paper wrapped package of small seeds, we went through this street is the smell of aromatic herbs coming out the back.

5. Cau Go for women's accessories.

Cau Go Street is a commercial street specializing in women’s accessories, and is situated just beside the huge eatery building that houses Thai Express, City View Cafe and Highlands Coffee, just to name a few.

Famous Shopping Streets in Hanoi Old Quarter 4
Photo: internet

6. Hang Gai for silk

The Hang Gai Street is a great shopping destination for silk products, including home furnishings and traditional Vietnamese clothing. More popularly known as the Silk Street, local tailor shops and fashion boutiques can be seen occupying this 300-meter long street. Most of them have been in business for decades and your local guide knows which shop sells the finest quality of silk materials.

 Located at the edge of the Old Quarter near the Hoan Kiem Lake, the Silk Street is famous for its quality silk products made by well-experienced local craftsmen. You can also order custom made dresses and suits that are made to measure.

Famous Shopping Streets in Hanoi Old Quarter 5
Photo: internet

7. Hang Duong for sugar

Belong to Hanoi Old Quarter, Hang Duong Street still retains its typical flavor by processing and selling sugar and sweet because, in Vietnam, Duong means sugar. Prior to the 60s of the 20th century, this is the center selling candy in Hanoi. Currently, this street is no longer selling confectionery as before, but become the center of the busy market of Hanoi with all kinds of items, especially delicious oatmeal.  A small shop owns by a local people and they make candy and jam from various fruit types. Every year, especially like Mid-autumn or Tet holiday, it becomes a bustling and animated street attracting both tourist and residents. People can buy very cheap kinds of stuff from the market.

Famous Shopping Streets in Hanoi Old Quarter 6
Photo: internet

8. Hang Bac for silver jewelry

Hang Bac Street is now famous for its silver jewelry. Going from the beginning to the end of the street, you can see dozens of silver shops close together. The furniture is also custom-made, engraved name or style design requirements. That is why so many tourists love to buy jewelry for personal purposes or gifts.

Not stopping at these 8 famous shopping streets, in fact Hanoi has more than that - Hanoi 36 Streets. To get more useful information about Hanoi's famous 36 streets, Hanoi City Tour is a great journey you should take.

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