[UPDATE 2019] 15 Interesting Activities In Sapa Outside Trekking

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Sapa is definitely a place to escape Hanoi city noise and soak up the cultural and natural authenticity. Sapa is located on and between different mountains, where you will find yourself taking pictures continuously because of its breathtaking views.

Sapa is home to Vietnam’s highest peak, Fan Si Pan, which tickles the clouds 3143m above sea level, keeping watch over the terraced rice paddies that line Sapa’s steep valley walls. Therefore, trekking is the main activity in Sapa that is the most popular tourist. 

But, ...

There are also many other interesting activities in Sapa that you should experience. This article we will bring you other special activities in Sapa outside the trekking to make your return trip to Sapa more attractive and interesting.

1. Bathing with herbs

[UPDATE 2019] 15 Interesting Activities In Sapa Outside Trekking
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Herbal bath in Sapa Vietnam, spending the whole night on the train and some more hours on a coach, finally you come to Sapa town.. Being exhausted, you want to rest get back to prepare to explore Sapa. But not, Don’t sleep, that’s a waste! Let's relax at the herbal bath - a very private experience of Sapa.

Soak in a wooden bath, feel the warm water and aroma of herbs. Sweat beaded on forehead and dripped from head. Each pore relaxed to absorb the herb water to each fibre of your body. Around ten minutes later, you will feel clearly the recovery in your body. After the whole 35-minute period, you body was refreshed.

The use of this traditional herbal remedy is derived from the Red Dao people. Each herb remedy for bathing includes 12 to 14 kinds of herbs. The herbs are boiled for 3-4 hours to extract the essence, and then mixed in water to serve tourists.

Where to get Herbal Bath in Sapa?

Ta Phin village is the best place for herbal bath, where Red Dzao will prepare special herb for bath around 1 hour. You will get a great experience there.

2.  MUST DO - Visiting Market in Sapa

[UPDATE 2019] 15 Interesting Activities In Sapa Outside Trekking 1
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In the Northern mountainous region of Vietnam in general and in Sapa in particular, the most outstanding feature of Ethnic minority group is partially reflect through the market-days. Therefore, spending time in your tight time-budget in Sapa can not ignore an interesting activity of joining a market of ethnic minorities.

Of course, Bac Ha Market - which is regularly held every Sunday - is one of the most popular markets for many tourists coming to Sapa. Visiting this market will keep in your mind an unforgettable impression of a high-mountainous region. You have chance to do some shopping in Bac Ha Market: buying brocatelle woven by ethnic minorities people themselves, trying tasting some specialties of Sapa and taking some souvenirs for beloveds …

Our Bac Ha fair market tour is very much interested by tourists by the accompanying service and reasonable price. If you are interested, please see details at: http://sapatoursfromhanoi.com/tour/bac-ha-market-sapa-tour-2-days/

3. Enjoy Street Food, Sapa's typical cuisine 

[UPDATE 2019] 15 Interesting Activities In Sapa Outside Trekking 2
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Chilly weather exploring the food area, enjoying the barbecue is the fun of most of the visitors to sapa. Enjoy the simple dishes such as the Cơm Lam, or the barbecue skewers, sip a glass of wine around kitchen charcoal pink is nothing exciting more. 

Sapa has salmon hot pot, hotpot or seven-course hot pot, or Thang Co, hot dish, with a sweet smell but very delicious, which once you try will remember forever special flavor get this. 

4. Meet, exchanges and share life with local people

[UPDATE 2019] 15 Interesting Activities In Sapa Outside Trekking 3
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Sapa is home to six ethnic groups, each with its own culture, language and costume, with the majority of the black Mong ethnic group, then to the Dao, Tay, Dzay and Xa Pho people. 

Most of them here are usually women, they will accompany you go through the hills, streams, sharing with you about culture and traditional brocades that are embroidered by themselves, are people friendly and accessible, they can talk to you at any time. Especially they can communicate in English, French, it is a special opportunity to explore the culture and life of people here. 

To share more than you can spend the night at family homes, share common meals and do things like a true farmer, this experience will forever bold in mind.

If you love exploring new things, our small homestay in the village of Ta Van is probably a different highlight in your journey. See more about our homestay information at: http://sapatoursfromhanoi.com/tour-category/sapa-tours/sapa-homestay-tours/

5. Cloud hunting

[UPDATE 2019] 15 Interesting Activities In Sapa Outside Trekking 4
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Sapa is a cloudy paradise with a plenty of clouds bobbing all year round. The clouds in Sapa are very dense and white and spread all over the valleys, when the sun rises in combination with the wind, it will create the waves of clouds that rise and fall between the slopes. 

To Sa Pa, surely everyone wants to set foot on the "roof of Indochina" 3,143 m high compared to the sea level. Fansipan is an ideal destination for travelers who like to hunt clouds. 

If you want to try the feeling of reaching out to touch the clouds, want to sink in the chill of the fog, then go to O Quy Ho. O Quy Ho is known as the four great peaks, not only is the pass ranked in the most beautiful category of Vietnam, but also famous for its cloudy clouds, such as creating a fairytale picture here. About 10km from Sa Pa town, O Quy Ho is the expected destination of many believers who love "hunting clouds".

6. See the sunset on the O Quy Ho Pass

[UPDATE 2019] 15 Interesting Activities In Sapa Outside Trekking 5
Photo by Nguyen Khac Quyen
Sunset is the two most beautiful times in Sapa. Space is moving from one world to another beautiful world. All changes will make you surprised.

You can go to a hill, a tree to sit and feel the nature of Sapa is changing every second. But try believing us this time, watching the sunset over O Quy Ho pass, see the majestic O Quy Ho pass in the last rays of the day you will feel the magical beauty of there. 

From the top of the pass, you can admire the panoramic road over the car pass through majestic mountains to Binh Lu or SaPa. You can also admire the magnificent view of Mount Fansipan.

7. Swimming in streams

[UPDATE 2019] 15 Interesting Activities In Sapa Outside Trekking 6
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If you visit Sapa in the summer (from June to September) this is a great experience. Water is very cold but on a sunny day, it's pretty awesome.

You can swim in the small waterfalls at Cat Cat village, to find this destination, please get help from your guide or you can contact us here, our customers are really like this experience.

8. Farming with ethnic minorities groups

[UPDATE 2019] 15 Interesting Activities In Sapa Outside Trekking 7
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This is a farm experience tour recently in Sapa Vietnam, helping travelers discover the life, culture and farming practices of indigenous people. In the midst of the harsh sunshine of Sa Pa, Lao Cai, the young tourists feet muddy soil, enjoy growing rice.

9. Biking

Sapa is a great place for exploring on two wheels. You can rent the bikes and explore on your own, or choose from our guided tours that take in the best sights [http://sapatoursfromhanoi.com/tour-category/sapa-tours/sapa-cycling-tours/]

When biking you can catch up many beautiful and magic views of mountains, rivers, waterfalls and daily working of local people, whether they are working hard, they are always smiling and cheer you up !!! They are the warmest and the most friendly people at heart. 

Biking brings your magic world in Sapa with clear and true eyes of natural beauty and real life, if you love traveling with a variety of emotion and feeling.

10. Fansipan Cable Car

[UPDATE 2019] 15 Interesting Activities In Sapa Outside Trekking 9
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours
In addition to trekking, Fansipan is also a keyword that many tourists seek when traveling to Sapa. 

Do not think that conquering Fansipan peak is very difficult and it will take a few days to reach the top. Now, Fansipan is for everyone! With advanced cable car system, now you only take 15 minities to conquer Fansipan peak - Roof Of Indochina.

Read the article: Our "Full Guides For Fansipan Cable Car Trip in Sapa" to have a quick overview

11. Cook Vietnamese dishes at homestay

[UPDATE 2019] 15 Interesting Activities In Sapa Outside Trekking 10
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This experience offer you the possibility to enjoy a home cooked meal. You will cook Vietnamese dishes for your own meals under the guidance of local people. You will know the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine through your guide. It is very interesting and you will be surprised about it!

12. Seeing flowers in Sapa

[UPDATE 2019] 15 Interesting Activities In Sapa Outside Trekking 11
Photo by Nguyen Duong
Sapa’s climate is cool, and therefore, besides Da Lat, this land is a place where you can find one of the most beautiful flower kingdoms of Vietnam. Sapa flowers bloom four seasons a year. Each season, there will be one or two seasonal Sapa flowers blooming gorgeously.

Cherry blossoms are one of the most favorite flower tourists in Sapa. Or excursion Ham Rong mountian to see flower garden, Rhododendron and some unique flowers at Fansipan Legend,...

13. Drink coffee view mountain

Sitting on the veranda of a hillside cafe with a warm mountain coffee in hand, and watching as fluffy clouds slowly engulf your view below is part of the essential Sapa experience. 

Fansipan Terrace Cafe, The Haven Sapa Camp Site, Coong Coffee, Gem Art Gallery, ... are cafes with mountain views you can refer to.

14. Traditional brocade weaving

Coming to Sapa, tourists particularly enjoy handicraft using flax yarn to weave into colorful fabric of H’mong ethnic minority. And H’mong weaving is still playing the important part in the local people’s daily life. All stages including connecting flax to be fabric for weaving, dying colors, then embroidering skillful patterns makes up the costume are made by hand of H’mong people. Visit a Hmong family and learn about brocade craft, your trip will be more meaningful than ever.

15. Traditional house of H'Mong people 

[UPDATE 2019] 15 Interesting Activities In Sapa Outside Trekking 14
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H’mong house is really one of the most interesting place for visitors to explore. Thousands of domestic and international tourists has a keen interest in H’mong house because house’s size is change but house’s structure is never change which is always open-ended question.

H’mong people live in on the up-hill so climate retains cool throughout the year though the winter may see severe changes, with frost and even snow. Consequently, the reason why H’mong house is roofed by leaves, tiles or land which help to protect them from severe weather conditions and safe enough to avoid the beasts.

Accompanying a local guide, you will be told about the history and architecture of this unique house.

If you have been contemplating to go on a trip to Sapa, Vietnam, then wait no more! With the abovementioned 15 activities in Sapa outside trekking, you can kickstart your itinerary planning and pack your bags. With its diverse hill tribe cultures and an abundance of nature, the trip to Sapa will certainly be mind-altering and an adventure of a lifetime. Wish you have a wonderful and happy trip!

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