Top 5 most beautiful view cafes in Sapa

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Visit Sapa during the hot summer days, in addition to enjoying the spectacular scenery, diverse culinary culture, experiencing a unique culture, don't forget to visit the cafes that give you a panoramic view of mountain ranges in Sapa.

1. The Haven Sa Pa Camp Site is located on the road leading to Cat Cat village, about 1.5 km from Sapa town. With a high terrain position, this café is famous for the shooting angles that are most sought after by tourists. Photo: Dichoisapa.

Top 5 most beautiful view cafes in Sapa
Photo: @Thehaven

From here, you can see with charming terraced fields, Cat Cat village and the majestic Hoang Lien Son range. With friends to call colorful drinks, breathe fresh air and relax after a long journey will be a great experience for you.

2. Fansipan Terrace Cafe & Homestay is a beautiful place and very easy to find, located right in the heart of Sa Pa town, less than 1 km from Stone Church. Walking around watching the street and stopping here to order a cup of tea, you will feel a gentle and peaceful Sapa.

The shop is really suitable for those who prefer quietness. If you want to capture the moment of sunset and the last rays of sunshine on Mount Fansipan, this place is absolutely the right choice.

Top 5 most beautiful view cafes in Sapa 1
Photo: @Kiungmibo
3. Lá Dao Spa & Coffee house: This unique cafe brings in its own beauty with rows of thorns, brick walls and wooden roofs. La Dao seems to close himself beside the mountain and head towards Muong Hoa stream. From La Dao you can reach your eye to admire the charm of Ta Van heaven.

The location is quite far away, located about 10 km from the town, but Dao Dao does not disappoint you. The space here is airy, quiet and close to nature, so you can read your favorite books and have a peaceful moment beside your loved one.

Top 5 most beautiful view cafes in Sapa 2
Photo: @gemvalley
4. Gem Valley: Before going to Cat Cat village, you can visit Gem Valley for tea and admire the peaceful beauty of this place. The shop is nicely decorated, elaborately, with many artistic corners, antique display corner and viewing angle to the village. If traveling in the season of ripe rice, the Gem looks down at the landscape with nothing more wonderful.

The shop is also attracted by the cute yellow cat and is close to all guests coming here. It is also the "familiar face" in many photos of young people coming here.

Top 5 most beautiful view cafes in Sapa 3
Photo: @thehillstation
5. The Hill Station: Hill Station is located on Muong Hoa Street, the outstanding impression that the shop brings is a cozy feeling, suitable for rainy days. The shop has columns made of wooden pillars, slag brick walls and exquisite and rustic designs that make visitors feel lost in an ancient stilt house.

If you are longing for outstanding addresses with both yummy coffee and spectacular view on your Sapa Tour Vietnam, Come and feel the places above, it will definitely not disappoint you.

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