Top 3 wonders things in 8-days journey of discovery Northern Vietnam

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Don't worry when you plan to come to northern Vietnam. The breathtaking breathtaking beauty, discovering unique cultural lifestyles and memorable experiences are what your domain tour tours bring to you.

The main topography of Northern Vietnam is popular with high mountains & valleys and lesser known to tourists due to its far location & narrow & winding roads to reach. Trip to the northeast of Vietnam brings you the sense of adventure and the admiration of pristinely natural landscapes of mountains, valleys & tropical forest.

Also, this region is the home to many ethnic minority groups living scatteredly with their unique cultures. This highlighted Northern Vietnam adventure tour is specially designed for the traveller who would like to stay away from the crowd and explore untouched natural landscapes and interesting local cultures. 

You will have the chance to get a real taste of northeast area with famous natural landscapes including Ba Be Lake, Dong Van Global Geopark, terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi and Sapa. Each attraction has its own beauty, when combining them together, you will get a unique travel experience. 3 Wonderful things you get when you join an 8-day northern tour from Vietnam Typical Tours.

Top 3 wonders things in 8-days journey of discovery Northern Vietnam
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Trip experience at the Dong Van Rocky Plateau Global Geopark in Ha Giang Province

Dong Van is the northernmost district of Ha Giang province. It is located in the ruggered rock upland of Vietnam. Visitors to Dong Van Rock Plateau would be mesmerized with a massive area with more than 80 percent of the surface covered with rocks, limestone and rocky peaks which contains precious and priceless old fossils of nearly 600 years old. This feature has made it one of the oldest and great rock plateaus.

Stop at Dong Van Rock Plateau and indulge in the diversity of distinctive custom, practices, and festivals along with its selective absorption of modern culture quintessence. With 17 different ethnic groups, the region has created a multicolor picture highlighted by amiable, friendly and highly cultured people who live on planting and harvesting rice. Through many generations, they still cherish their ancient tradition, coupled with taking in a good habit of modern life.

Surprise about the natural beauty of the terraced fields at Hoang Su Phi of Ha Giang province.

Dare not say the most beautiful in Vietnam, but in Hoang Su Phi, terraced fields have their own beauty. If you have ever attended hiking tours in northern Vietnam you will notice something special, terraced fields at Hoang Su Phi year on an ideal terrain, it gives you a wide view, panoramic and unimpeded by the mountains. From there, you can enjoy an unlimited beauty scene.

The terraces are scattered across Hoang Su Phi district, but in that terraced fields in Ban Luoc, Sa San Ho, Ban Phung, Ho Thau, Nam Ty, and Thong Nguyen are the most beautiful. In 2012, terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi of Ha Giang were recognized as one of the National Vestiges. The recognized area stretches across six wards above.

After each trekking tour, being able to eat the food that is considered special and attractive in the locality is a great pleasure for every tourist. And at Hoang Su Phi, do not forget to enjoy unique culinary gifts such as: field-mouse. Rat meat is an indispensable food in the lives of La Chi Ha Giang people.

Interacting with the diverse culture of ethnic minority groups in northern Vietnam through market and homestay.

One of the special impression that the North Vietnam left in tourists' mind is a strange and unique culture from ethnic minority groups. To deeply experience this culture, activities in ethnic and homestay markets are the most accurate answer.

Trade exchanges, authentic ethnic minority products, or meetings in ethnic markets, daily life, and activities that exude a distinct culture of their own

Ethnic market and homestay are the experiences that you should try when participating in northern Vietnam tours.

Top 3 wonders things in 8-days journey of discovery Northern Vietnam 3
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Visit the most famous destinations in Sapa

Sapa is so familiar to international tourists, in this trip you will visit the most beautiful destinations in Sapa. After saying goodbye to the majestic beauty of Ha Giang terraced fields you will come to the majestic waterfalls in Sapa.

The Silver Waterfall Sapa is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region. Head north along the Sapa loop road and discover the raging Thac Bac waterfall in the San Sai Ho mountainside.

The Love Waterfall is situated just 14 kilometers away from the city, surrounded by unspoiled nature. The waterfall starts from the peak of Fansipan Mountain which is the highest peak in Vietnam. To get to it you will need to walk through the forest for about 30 minutes. Don’t worry, there is a paved path and stairs that will lead you straight to it. The scenery along the way gets more and more beautiful only to end with the majestic 100 meters tall Love Waterfall. This is definitely one of the best waterfalls in Sapa.

Ta Van village is hidden in the foggy cloud, far away from Sapa busy streets. All its natural beauty are well reserved by over 110 households living in this village. Coming to Ta Van village to fully experience with the minorities groups culture other than H’mong, one of the most popular minorities group in Sapa region.

Book yourself a Ba Be Lake, Ha Giang and Sapa 8-days tour now!

Don't hesitate to experience the new, exciting and perfect Northern Vietnam tours with Vietnam Typical Tours, what you get is a new cultural treasure, lots of interesting experiences and new friends. Go and feel the difference with the present life!

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