A Glimpse Of Tours To Explore Sapa 2 Days

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Terraced rice fields, ethnic people with particular lifestyles, ancient traditions, impressive mountains, unforgettable treks, lush vegetation, natural wildlife…Undoubtedly Sapa is one of the most gorgeous and unique places in Indochina. Discover with us this fantastic region by trekking through small villages like Cat Cat, Ta Van, Y Linh Ho and Ta Phin, .. or conquer Fansipan peak - Roof of The Indochina. Follow us to have a glimpse of 2-day tours in Sapa.

Have you ever thought, with 2 short days what would you do in Sapa?

With a wide range of attractive, unremarkable destinations, unique and interesting experiences and diverse and rich culture, can the 2-day Sapa tour be enough for you to have memorable experiences?

The answer contained in this article, please continue!

Of course, with 2 days, you will not be able to fully explore Sapa but you will have the most comprehensive view of Sapa in just 2 days if you follow our instructions. I certainly do.

A Glimpse Of Tours To Explore Sapa 2 Days
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Sapa 2 days 1 night for the first time to Sapa

If you are first exploring Sapa, our advice is trekking through the Muong Hoa valley. Muong Hoa Valley is one of the most famous destinations for breathtaking scenery and is the largest farmland for rice growing in SaPa. It is far from town about 14 kilometers. Going to visit Muong Hoa, you can trek along Muong Hoa River sneaking through the valley nearby SaPa town. This valley lies between two high ranges of mountains running in the parallel south-east of SaPa town. On the way, you can learn more about how is the rice cultivating. Not only that, Muong Hoa is also home to many ethnic minorities, here you can immerse yourself in the lives of ethnic minorities, learn about their special lifestyles.

The best trekking tours through Muong Hoa valley

A Glimpse Of Tours To Explore Sapa 2 Days 1
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Resort tour in Sapa for 2 days

If you want to spend 2 days on vacation in the northern mountains of Vietnam, Sapa is absolutely the best choice. With so many resorts, luxury hotels overlooking the spectacular mountains, your stay in Sapa will be a memorable experience.

Topas Ecolodge is an amazing mountain hideaway. Topas Ecolodge is certified as "Unique Resort" by National Geographic. At Topas Ecolodge, each offering a private balcony from which you can enjoy magnificent views of towering peaks and endless valleys dotted with ethnic minority villages. The lodge makes a perfect base for exploring the surrounding area by foot or bike or simply relaxing far away from the busy urban areas.

The best Sapa tours 2 days with Topas Ecolodge:

A Glimpse Of Tours To Explore Sapa 2 Days 2
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Conquer Fansipan - The Roof of the Indochina in 2 days

Fn of Hoang Lien National Park, is the highest mountain in Vietnam. For young and bravery people, climbing Fansipan Mount, also known as "the Roof of Indochina", is the symbol of personal struggle to achieve. The height of 3143 meters is a big challenge to many Vietnamese generations. There are basically 2 ways to conquer Fansipan Mountain from Sapa town.

Option 1: Trekking through the forest.

You can go trekking through the forest to the peak, normally enjoy lunch at 2200m after 4-5 hour trekking then sleep at 2800m point and cook dinner there, sleep in a house on mountain or tent if you like..Day2, you can wake up in the morning then go the peak 3143m...Relax, photography then go down in the same way....or you can go down by cable car, cost about 27 usd/ticket, walking down 600 steps to Cable car station then take aother 15 minutes to Cable car in Sapa then transfer to your hotel in 15 minutes transfer.

The best tour to conquer Fansipan peak >> Conquering Fansipan Mountain - "The Roof Of Indochina 2 Days"

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Option 2: Cable car system travel

Go up and go down by cable car easily, totally 90 munites enable you to complete your Fansipan trip quickly.

Tours to explore Sapa and conquer Fansipan peak by cable car:

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Sapa tour 2 days to explore the highland market for tourists who love Vietnamese culture

A trip to Sapa could not be perfect without a visit to its local markets, especially for travelers who love the unique and rich culture of Vietnam. Some of the most unique fair in Sapa like Bac Ha market, Can Cau market, Muong Hum market, ... This is places where tourists can find all the best of cuisine and agriculture products. With the exclusiveness of the mountainous border areas, these highland markets will surely amaze you any time of year.

The best Sapa market tours:

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