Tu San Alley - Not For The Faint Of Heart

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Ma Pi Leng is considered the most dangerous pass in Vietnam. In that majestic natural wonder, the Tu San alley is the highest and deepest in Vietnam and possibly Southeast Asia. 

Tu San is considered the "most majestic" with the height of cliffs up to 700–800m, length to 1.7km, depth of 700–900m, is the most spectacular scenic spot of Dong Van rocky plateau region. Tu San is the miracle of creation millions of years ago when this place was still submerged in the vast ocean, in the process of changing the Earth's crust, the water receded, leaving the unique geological heritage until today.

Tu San Alley - Not For The Faint Of Heart
Photo: Ha Giang Tre
So, Where is Tu San alley?

Tu San alley located on the famous Nho Que river is one of the deepest alleys in Southeast Asia, located between Dong Van district and Meo Vac district in Ha Giang province. With a height of 1500m, a depth of 700 - 900m, flowing in the direction of Northwest - Southeast, Tu San alley brings poetic beauty, mysterious as the mysterious colored jade thread, hidden in the rugged Northeastern mountain forest.

Thanks to the advantage of upper area with quite slope, strong flow through ruggered rock, it creates waterfall in the middle of the valley. Nho Que River flows through the Tu San canyon and Ma Pi Leng Pass of Meo Vac district, it is far about 15kilometers from Lung Cu.

Trails from Dong Van rocky plateau to the Tu San western ravine are vey deserted and winding. With narrow path, a lot of ruggered rock, it makes people scare when contemplateing abyss. However, visitors can enjoy red bombax throughout the rice terraces in the mountainside, back pass and the image of Nho Que River.

It is also a beautiful destination for tourists. Standing on Ma Pi leng mount, tourists can contemplate a river like a silky fillet looming in fog which brings tourists a pleasant sensation of a naturally romantic masterpiece. The river is concerned as the mysterious of nature.

Ha Giang is not only famous for its gorgeous landscapes, typical habits and customs, but also for its food specialties. Food which is made natural ingredients with a distinctive cooking method is without doubt the thing that enthralls tourists most in Ha Giang. The best dishes in Ha Giang that you can try: Steamed egg rolls (Trứng cuộn), Au Tau rice gruel (Cháo ấu tẩu), Thang Co (Thắng Cố), Thang Den (Thắng Dền), Grilled alga, , Chinese sausage (Lạp Xưởng), ...

Arriving in Ha Giang and experiencing all kinds of different emotions when watching the Vietnamese flag flying high on Lung Cu flagpole, or climbing each level to conquer Chieu Lau Thi Thi mountain peak and take a boat trip right on the Nho river Cinnamon, discover alley in the village or drop yourself between the golden terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi, west of Ha Giang. 

Follow the journey to these exciting experiences and unique activities on Ha Giang tours from Hanoi of Vietnam Typical Tours to feel the mighty and wonderful natural scenery in Ha Giang! It can be a adventure trip but what you see will be a gift worthy of what you have experienced.

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