Energy-rich Breakfast Before Trekking in Sapa

Nga Do
To start a trekking journey through the majestic terraced fields in Sapa, you should prepare yourself to be good, make sure not to miss the interesting things throughout the journey. and breakfast is one of the indispensable things before every trekking journey. So, in Sapa, what should you eat at breakfast? Con Sui - Pho typical of Sapa is a completely new experience for you.

Energy-rich Breakfast Before Trekking in Sapa
Photo by Con Sui Ong Ha
Those who have eaten for the first time, will surely be surprised about this dish. It is a soft and soft noodle cake like pho in Hanoi, but it is well served by thick sauce like soup cake in Hue, Saigon ...

Pure white noodle fibers are placed at the bottom of the bowl, larger than the noodles that we often eat. The top is sliced ​​pork, sliced ​​boiled egg for private. After that, people were overwhelmed by the thickly cooked sauce, which tasted a lot of spice, the aroma of cinnamon and cardamom, of the northwestern forest. The food is both fragrant and also feels warm when eating. At the top of the steaming bowl, it will be indispensable to have a bit of crispy fried noodles with roasted peanuts, pepper ...

Con sui is also served with fresh vegetables harvested in the area. Adding a little chili sauce will make the dish more delicious because with the cool weather of Sapa, eating spicy food can warm you up.

Arriving in Sa Pa, though there are not too many shops, you can easily find products selling Con Sui through the guidance of local people. Even, you can ask the hotel reception itself to ship to the place because this dish is so familiar to the people here!

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