Ha Giang In April And Surprises

Nga Do
Ha Giang in April is not as romantic as Hanoi autumn, not as bright as spring Sapa but if you are lucky, you will be able to watch the jubilant Bullfighting festival in Meo Vac. And also in this town, purple flowers will once again make you dazed, or enchanted with the colors of Nho Que, ...

The charming April flowers in Ha Giang

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Ban flower, rice flowers, buckwheat flowers strongly bloom in the end of spring, still bring new vitality in the rocky plateau. In April, Ha Giang also returned with off-season triangular flower flowers, grown in many communes Quyet Tien, located on Hanh Phu street, from Ha Giang city to Yen Minh.

Ha Giang in April, the dry sun makes the color of the cliffs fade but makes the background of the red rice flower glowing in the middle of the summer afternoon. Warm heaven and earth, people take advantage of plowing on the mountainside to prepare to sow the next season.

Ban flowers purple interrupt the whole town of Quan Ba to bring visitors into a dreamy space. Being introduced and tested in Meo Vac is not much, mainly in the roads of the center of Meo Vac town or the school yard in the communes of Pa Vi, Khau Vai, Niem Tong, ... But the flowers in Meo Vac has its own beauty that "few places have it"; it is purple flower color, both feminine and youthful as a full-moon girl.

Bullfighting festival in Meo Vac

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On the occasion of April, Meo Vac usually takes place in the bullfighting festival, with attractive matches and cultural activities with the identity of the ethnic communities in the district.

Nho Que River with charming green water color

Ha Giang In April And Surprises 2
Photo ny Kien Anh
In April season, Nho Que river green water is special, bringing a cool feeling to visitors in the journey to conquer the highland stone.

Looking from the summit of Ma Pi Leng over 1,500 meters high, Nho Que River is like a line of hard-working ink cuttlefish that is diligently carving your name into the stone history page. The river is still considered by the indigenous people as the mystery of heaven and earth among thousands of rocky mountains.

With many large rapids, structure, tectonic period, Nho Que line always challenges and invites tourists to conquer. This would be an interesting journey!

Sunny day on top of Lung Cu Flagpole

Ha Giang In April And Surprises 3
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours
What is more exciting than the moment of reaching the northern peak of the Fatherland, the sacredness looks down to the vastness of the country. Only sunshine jumps from one peak to another. Only the mountain is tilted by the sun, but inside is warm as in the middle of our country.

If in the autumn, Ha Giang shimmering sun flakes on golden waves of stairs, winter is extravagant by the thousands of buckwheat, spring of plum colors, apricots, sweet peaches boast, then return to Ha Giang in April, to experience other special things.

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