Con Dao - The traumatic past and the promising present ...

Nga Do
On the geographical map of Vietnam, Con Dao is an archipelago of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province and is located about 230 km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City. Con Dao has an area of up to 76 km square and consist of 16 islands in total.

During the time the country was still amidst war, Con Dao was emblematic of how people described their anxiety and fear. However, mother nature gave a very sweet compensation to this scary land and turned it into a charming paradise enchanting numerous wanderers around the world. Only by coming here, you can understand why Con Dao has longtime been praised as “One of the ten most charming and mysterious islands on the planet.”

Con Dao - The traumatic past and the promising present ...
Photo by Aleksander Kaczmarek

Best time to go to Con Dao

When it comes to traveling, good weather also plays a vital role in order for your trip to be successful! Here is something you should know about the best time to visit Con Dao: March to September & October to February

How to get to Con Dao

There are only 2 ways to approach Con Dao: By boat or by plane.

By boat: Only two boats service the island and it’s extremely difficult for foreigners to get tickets as priority goes to locals; despite the horrendous journey, it is popular as it is the cheapest way to get off the island. You could be waiting for days just to get a spot, mitigating any financial savings. When the weather is good, the ferry runs as frequently as every two days; when the weather is bad, like during windy season from November till March, it can be down to once a month. If one boat is cancelled, it creates a backlog for the next boat. Locals have told us they’ve had to wait weeks to get on.

The journey takes 11 hours, leaving at dusk and arriving at dawn. There are some sleeping berths on board, but conditions are rather cramped and there’s the distinct odour of previous passengers whose stomachs didn’t take too kindly to the rough seas. It’s sure to be an ‘experience’ if you have the time, but most travellers would be better off flying. However, I can’t imagine a more romantic introduction to the Con Dao Islands than arriving in the beautiful surrounds of Ben Dam harbour at dawn.

By plane: By plane  is the most convenient to land on Con Dao Islands from Ho Chi Minh City. The flight takes about 45 minutes, and then you arrive at the Con Dao Airport which is located on the major Con Son Island, around 13km from the town center. In fact, VASCO – a subsidiary of Vietnam Airlines – is the only airline that serves 6 daily flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Con Dao.

The noisy life of the mainland does not surpass that of the waves and ocean, so Con Dao is ideal for a getaway. Just taking one step into this paradise island will make you not want to leave it ever again.

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