4 Things Make You Love Mu Cang Chai Right From The First Time You Meet

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Mu Cang Chai is not popular with international tourists like Sapa tours, but the things that Mu Cang Chai trip gives you I dare to say that it is not inferior to Sapa.

Mu Cang Chai is home to some of Asia’s most magnificent cultivated topography. Rice terraces coil in ribbons around the hills to spectacular effect, luring photographers, hikers, and avid motorbikers. Ready for an adventure? Whatever you’re looking for, here are four things you’ll simply love about Mu Cang Chai right from the first time you meet.

Spectacular rice terraces

The most outstanding feature of Mu Cang Chai attracts visitors is terraced fields and of course, but Mu Cang Chai tour always runs out very early in the rice harvest season. 

4 Things Make You Love Mu Cang Chai Right From The First Time You Meet
Photo by Ves Pa
Mu Cang Chai’s sheer rice terraces were sculpted over centuries of small-scale cultivation. Each season brings its own charm. 

During the summer, the terraces bulge with ripening rice stems that blanket the hills in a vibrant green. By early autumn, the rice plants have turned a bewitching golden yellow, ready for the harvest. In wintertime, the lonely terraces fill with water, creating cascading rows of reflective infinity pools. Once spring comes, the terraces transform into anthills of activity, as the farmers plant a new crop.

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Vibrant Hmong culture

4 Things Make You Love Mu Cang Chai Right From The First Time You Meet 1
Photo by buianhha
Mu Cang Chai is mainly populated by the Black Hmong, a subgroup of one of Vietnam’s largest ethnicities. Pretty Hmong villages are dotted around the district. Each one offers a glimpse into a rich culture. 

Unlike many other minority groups in Vietnam, the Hmong don’t live in raised houses on wooden stilts. Instead, they build their homes on flattened earth. Hmong textile culture is highly developed, and you’ll find that many villagers – both men and women – still wear the traditional dress. Black Hmong  men typically wear dark tunics and hats, while women wear longer tunics with arms and waistbands in bright colours.

Excellent motorbiking

4 Things Make You Love Mu Cang Chai Right From The First Time You Meet 2
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Mu Cang Chai is one of the best places in Vietnam to take on the roads. You’ll find quality strips of tarmac that weave around oval hills and sky-high dirt tracks that cling to near-vertical cliff faces. Whether you want a gentle ride following trickling rivers or an adrenaline-filled dirt bike experience, Mu Cang Chai provides the stage. 

Notable main roads include the magnificent stretch between Mu Cang Chai town and Tu Le via the Khau Pha mountain pass. For a gentle ride through ethnic Thai villages, continue to Nghia Lo before circling back. Off the main road, a ride up to Mo De village offers more great views on a mostly paved road.

Undiscovered trekking trails

4 Things Make You Love Mu Cang Chai Right From The First Time You Meet 3
Photo by Viethavvh
Trekking is a great way to absorb Mu Cang Chai’s scenery at a slower pace. You’ll pass layers of rice terraces, tea and corn plantations, and higher up, primary tropical rainforest.

Trekking may be a new tourist activity in Mu Cang Chai, but the Hmong have been roaming these hills for centuries. Until recently, villagers travelled almost everywhere by foot, creating a network of trails that zigzag up the valleys and into the mountains. These trails connect every hamlet and provide excellent trekking routes for long and short forays.

Mu Cang Chai trekking tour is a wonderful journey for you to explore Mu Cang Chai’s landscapes – the breathtaking beauty of rice terraces on mountain slopes dotted with remote villages of local ethnics;  to learn about local cultures & their customs in northern mountains of Vietnam.

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