‘Street Life Hanoi’ discovers capital from new perspective

Nga Do
The historic city of Hà Nội with its unique features dating from French colonial rule and food culture will be explored from a new perspective in the CNN show Street Life Hanoi to be aired on the channel tomorrow.
The programme will include the following content:

The Old Quarter:

One of the most unique ways to observe Hà Nội is sitting in a motorcycle sidecar, roaming every corner of the city.

CNN meets up with Steve Christensen, a US graphic designer who has been living in Hà Nội for over 20 years but now as taken up a secondary job of providing tours around the city.

CNN joins Steve on 30 old streets that are named after crafts which were once practised there and explores his favourite ones.

Tạ Hiện Street

Beer drinking culture appeared in Hà Nội in 1890 with the city’s first beer company. CNN meets Hà Nội local Tấn and Aussie expat Brett whose love for beer has seen them form one on the most popular beer tours in the city. Together, they teach locals and visitors about Hà Nội’s famous cold brew, bia hơi.

Chả Cá Street

Next, the programme samples Chả Cá, an iconic Vietnamese fish dish which also has an entire street named after it. Travelling along Chả Cá Street, the programme tastes some food at the city’s oldest restaurant, Chả Cá Lã Vọng.

Hoàng Hoa Thám Street

CNN goes on to Hoàng Hoa Thám, a tree-lined street named after a national hero. Said to be one of the prettiest, the 3km street also hosts local vendors selling flowers and bonsai trees.

CNN explores with local Vân Anh who cycles down the street every day to go to school.

Street Life Hanoi also visits the ornamental bird and antique market that opens every Saturday to find out why the street is considered the most beautiful in Hà Nội.

Tràng Tiền Street

The programme’s last stop is Tràng Tiền Street where CNN receives a guided tour by Hanoi Kids, a free tour group run by volunteers who use the service to practise their English. The tour takes the programme to one of the most famous streets in the city during French colonial rule, which was dubbed the Champs Elysees Avenue of Indochina.

Street Life Hanoi is produced by CNN Vision, a creative production arm of CNN International, producing world-class content for all screens and platforms. CNN Vision travels to every corner of the globe to capture unforgettable stories that engage and inspire.

Street Life Hanoi, 30-minutes long, will be aired at the following local times:

Saturday 10th November at 22:40

Sunday 11th November at 1:40, 5:40 and 10:40

Monday 12th November at 10:10 and 13:40

Wednesday 14th November at 18:40

Thursday 22nd November at 18:40. — VNS

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