"Pho Cuon" - The Culinary Characteristics Of Hanoians

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Bring flavor and characteristics of Hanoi traditional Pho, the crystallization between the traditional and ordinary life. Pho Cuon occupies a special place in the heart of lovers of traditional Hanoi cuisine.
"Pho Cuon" - The Culinary Characteristics Of Hanoians
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In the summertime, we usually love to eat something fresh to cool down, “pho cuon” will be your smarter choice  – it’s  one of the most iconic Vietnamese foods that is made in perfectly-sized rolls. The dish does not only pleases you at the lunch table but also keeps you lean and healthy throughout the hot season. Are you ready to learn how it’s made in reality? Let’s go!

What’s so special about “pho cuon” that can attract a large number of Vietnamese locals as well as tourists that much? Inside this charming rice paper roll is a great selection of fresh greens and Vietnamese herbs. Both beef and veggies are the two primary ingredients of the dish, making the whole pho cuon worth your try not just once but several times. Here’s how to make these little pillows of yumminess:


- 500g rice noodle
- 300g beef fillet
- ½ carrot tubers
- ½ onions tubers
- 2 salads
- Cilantro and other herbs
- Ginger and garlic
- Seasoning and spices (Sugar, pepper, chili)
- Fish sauce, rice vinegar/lemon

How to make pho cuon:

Step 1: Prepare beef fillet by slicing and marinating it with spices (ginger and garlic) in 15 seconds until it’s soft. Wash veggies including salads and herbs of all kinds.

Step 2: Pour oils in pan and wait until it boils. Fry garlic to make them golden and crispy. Put sliced beef in pan and then stir on medium – high heat until you see it cooked through. Saute the greeneries if you want.

Step 3: Place each ‘pho’ leaf on plate, add herbs, cilantro, salad and fried beef to it before rolling them like how we make spring rolls. Make sure to go as tight as you can so that the fillings can’t fall off.

Step 4: Prepare fish sauce by adding chopped garlic and chilies to a bowl. We need 1 – 2 cup servings of fish sauce. Measure 2 – 3 tablespoon of sugar, 2 lemons, and 4 – 6 water cups to add to the sauce. This formula can be adjusted to fit your demand. If you prepared it too much, then keep it in the jar and put in fridge for your food preparation next time.

After making one of the tastiest Vietnamese Pho recipes, serve the dish by arranging them on a heaping plate. Eat it with sweet and sour dipping sauce to experience the entire taste of rolling pho.

Whenever we become lazy to eat with spoon and chop sticks like how we eat traditional ‘Pho’, then go for this version, instead. You can find it around Hanoi at a cheap cost (between 20,000 – 50,000 VND). Please pin down the dishes that you think are the most unique in Vietnam to enjoy during your holiday in Vietnam.

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