Forbes names Vietnam among world’s most fascinating destinations for coffee lovers

Nga Do
Vietnamese-style coffee often includes added ingredients like egg yolk and yogurt to make the beverage more flavorful.
Vietnam has been ranked second among the most fascinating holiday destinations in the world for coffee lovers, according to a list released by Forbes, a US family-controlled business magazine.

“Coffee was introduced to Vietnam by French colonialists in the 19th century. According to Topdeck Travel, Vietnamese-style coffee often includes added ingredients like egg yolk and yogurt to make the beverage more flavorful,” Forbes wrote.

Traditionally, the rich drink is served in a glass with sweetened condensed milk at the bottom. Shin Coffee in old Saigon is one of the best places to sample Vietnamese specialty coffee. The Coffee Ship is yet another must-visit stop for coffee enthusiasts. Housed in a boat that floats on the Kenh Te Canal, it's hands down one of the trendiest coffee shops in the city.

Forbes advises travelers that if you dig the idea of sipping coffee in the warm embrace of nature, you cannot go wrong with Du Mien Garden Coffee. Other popular cafés in Ho Chi Minh City include Yoko Café, The Workshop Specialty Coffee and The Snap Café. For an ideal vacay in Vietnam, plan your trip between January and March.

Vienna (Austria) tops the list, followed by Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Milan (Italy), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Istanbul (Turkey), Jakarta (Indonesia), Seattle (Washington, the US).

Earlier, Outlook India, a India magazine, has just named Vietnam's egg coffee the number one must-try coffee from around the world, which you will never regret.

Rich, thick and absolutely delicious, indulging in an egg coffee is a must in Vietnam. This Southeast Asian country is famous for a lot of things, from natural beauty to delicious street food. However, the Vietnamese pride themselves for their coffee.

“While condensed milk and coffee or Ca Phe Da (iced coffee) the world knows about, have you heard of egg coffee? Ca Phe Trung (Egg coffee) is a mixture of coffee (but obviously), condensed milk, sugar and egg yolks. It’s been around for 60 years and this decadent concoction should be definitely on your must-try list,” Outlook India wrote.

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