Experience: Celebrating The Greatest Halloween On Vietnam

Nga Do
Do Vietnamese celebrate Halloween? 

The answer might surprise you! In the past decade, Halloween has been introduced to Vietnam and become a celebration with its very own unique version that excites many tourists who visit Vietnam in late October. Since Halloween is not an official holiday, the adoption is mostly observed in bigger cities, especially in Saigon and Hanoi among the younger population. Festive activities blend trick-or-treating, crazy costumes, haunted houses, and raving music into some of the greatest Halloween parties on Earth.

Vietnamese Halloween: Ghosts, Devils or Whatever You Want

You can also get away with a devil or a ghost mask, which can be easily picked at any gift-shops around Halloween time. It is interesting to see that most Vietnamese attendees will just have a mask on or have their face painted. Not everyone dresses up. Well-dressed characters will be the stars on the streets and get asked to take pictures.

Saigon and Hanoi: Places to Go, and Love

Most people go to Pho Tay mainly for people watching and drinking as these streets are originally made up of bars, clubs, and restaurants for foreigners. What happens in Pho Tay, stays in Pho Tay!

Another place to be for Halloween in Saigon is Nguyen Hue walking street. This is a more upscale and kid-friendly scenery with festive decorations and lights at night. Also, Dam Sen Park, Phu My Hung residential area, most hotels and AEON mall will have many activities like concerts, trick-or treating, and costume contest for a more family set up.

The city does not want you to go home early. For the second part of the night, people usually go to karaoke places, smoothies’ shops, restaurants, and bars. Festive activities continue on Pho Tay and other beer club and bars in Saigon. All night.

The adoption of Halloween is speeding up throughout Vietnam, as more and more people, institutions and businesses want to celebrate the holiday. We are expecting to see the growth of costumes shopping places as well as interesting mix-cultural attractions this year. Are you ready for Vietnamese Halloween?

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