Ca Phe Chon among world’s five types of weird coffee around the world

Nga Do
A good cup of coffee gives you the strength to power through a long, tiring day.

Ca phe chon (puke coffee) in Vietnam has been ranked the second among the five types of weird coffee around the world, according to The Indian Express, a India newspaper.
“Puke coffee as the name suggests is made out of the puke of Vietnamese weasels. The outer cherry of the coffee bean is digested by the weasels while the remaining bean is extruded back out of the weasel’s mouth. The puked out beans are then collected, processed and sold in the markets,” The Indian Express wrote.

Luwark coffee tops the list, followed by Puke coffee in Vietnam, Vanilla Flavored Monkey Spit Coffee in Taiwan (China), Spicy Taco Beans Coffee, Kopi Gu Yu.

Earlier, Vietnam has been ranked second among the seven destinations everyone who loves coffee must visit, according to a list released by Irish Examiner, an Irish national daily newspaper.

“In Vietnam order a ca phe sua da (Vietnamese iced coffee), a traditional iced coffee that sees ground beans tipped into a French drip filter, before being sweetened with condensed milk,” Irish Examiner wrote.

In addition, World famous travel website CNTraveler listed Vietnamese coffee among top 15 best coffee around the world. According to the website, Vietnamese iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk is widely available throughout the world, but it’s an especially delicious treat to seek out while visiting Vietnam.

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