Bun Cha - Most Popular Street Food In The World

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There`s something so fulfilling about street food. So how many of these snacks have you tasted?

Bun Cha - Most Popular Street Food In The World
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Bun Cha has been ranked 14th among the most popular street foods in the world, according to a list released by Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), a hybrid-funded Australian public broadcasting radio, online and television network.

“Everyone has heard of pho, but perhaps the most loved street food of Hanoi is actually bun cha - a dish combining marinated grilled meats, rice noodles, dipping sauce and an abundance of fresh herbs. You'll find it on every street corner in Hanoi or in the central markets in Ho Chi Minh – as a lunchtime dish only,” SBS wrote.

Guo Kui (China) tops the list, followed by Ful mudammas (Egypt), Falafel (France), Loukoumades (Greece), Pani puri (India), Brioche con gelato (Italy), Mandu (South Korea), Elote (Mexico), M'smen (Morocco), Pintxos (Spain), etc.

Exploring private cooking clubs around the globe tops the list, followed by Italian culture and cuisine by bike, food and wildlife in South Africa, spices and teas in India and Sri Lanka, take a gourmet Polynesian cruise, food fload down the Amazon, experience Vietnamese cuisine along the Mekong.

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