3 Days Of Enjoyable Experience In Sapa Tour

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Travelers from all over the world come to visit Sapa not only to enjoy the mountainous fresh air and explore the wild beauty of terrace fields, waterfalls, and majestic boulders but also to learn about the life and culture of many ethnic minority groups here.We are here to provide you some tips and recommendations for 3 day Sapa tour package that would make your holiday an unforgettable experience.
Best time to travel Sapa tour 

Sapa is blessed with the temperate and subtropical climate and an ideal temperature all year round so that travelers can visit here at any time of the year. However, Sapa is in its most beautiful shape when all the roads leading to the village are covered in peach blossoms. If you don’t want to miss that breath-taking scene, come see Sapa in January or February.

Where to go during your Sapa tour?

3 Days Of Enjoyable Experience In Sapa Tour
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3-day Sapa tourpackages is not a very long period but you still can manage to discover all the must-visit attractions in this lovely fanciful town.

Let’s start our joyful 3-day to Sapa tours by exploring the Silver Waterfall which is 12 kilometers away from Sapa town’s center. You can access this waterfall by motorbike or taxi in only half an hour. You should be prepared to visit this place in order not to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the fall.  It is a magical silver waterfall surrounded by the forest and the looming view of mountains from afar. If you want to see how truly wonderland looks like, come visit Silver Waterfall in Sapa.

Our next destination is nowhere else but Fansipan Peak. If you are a risky person and always want to explore nature as well as challenge yourself, we recommend you taking a Fansipan trekking challenge. With the height of 3143 meters, the peak of Fansipan is called “The roof of Indochina”. Therefore, there is no place more ideal for trekkers to test their ability, strength and bravery. Although Fansipan challenge is surely not an easy trek once you conquer the peak, you would find it the most satisfying feeling when standing at the highest peak of Indochina and enjoying the marvelous scene of mountains and forests beneath.

3 Days Of Enjoyable Experience In Sapa Tour 1
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Terrace rice field- a symbol of Sapa is one of the most beautiful attractions in Sapa that you can miss in your Sapa holiday. That is why we suggest you spending a day at Muong Hoa valley to enjoy the magnificent view of Sapa’s rice fields for a bit more peaceful and tranquil experience than conquering the Fansipan Peak. It might take you several hours to trek to Muong Hoa valley or you can hire a bike or a motorbike to travel there more easily.

It is such a waste if you travel to Sapa without a chance to explore Sapa Love Market that holds every weekend, from Saturday night till Sunday.  It is not really a market but a place where people from different ethnic groups meet, make friends and find their love partner. The Love Market is a precious cultural aspect of minority ethnic H’mong and Dao from hundreds of years ago. The market takes place in the center of Sapa town. Not only get to learn the culture and interesting lifestyle of people in Sapa, you can also find here some lovely little souvenirs for friends and family during your Vietnam travel and tours.

What to eat during Sapa tour?

Not only famous for majestic landscapes of Mother Nature, Sapa is also known for its unique and quintessential cuisine.

3 Days Of Enjoyable Experience In Sapa Tour 2
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The first dish we have to mention is Thang Co which is a traditional food of Hmong people from hundreds of years ago. Sapa’s Thang Co is basically a type of soup made of horse’s meat and viscera and also including 12 different traditional spices. A pot of Thang Co with some warm corn wine in the slight coldness of Sapa would surely comfort your body and soul.

The second dish is hardly less special which is Sapa’s “Cap Nach” Pork. “Cap Nack” Pork is a specialty in the mountainous areas of Vietnam. To create this dish, they basically roast the whole pig directly on charcoal so that we have the crunchy skin but soft and moist meat inside.

The third, also the last one that we need to name is the Black Chicken. Black Chicken, or Ga Ac, is a kind of small chicken with black skin and chewy, flavorful meat. There are many ways to cook Black Chicken. We can brew, stir-fry, boil but the most popular way is covering it with honey and grilling on charcoal. This dish is not only very tasty but also good for your health.

With 3 days in Sapa, you can choose many different discovery routes. If you are interested, please book: http://sapatoursfromhanoi.com/contact-us/

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