Wooden bridge in Sa Pa accidentally famous throughout the world

Nga Do
Photo of a wooden bridge in Vietnam became one of the best-selling decorative products of Swedish furniture.

Wooden bridge in Sa Pa accidentally famous throughout the world
Photo by Skip Nall
If you ever step into an Ikea store anywhere in the world, you are most likely to see a photograph of a frosted bridge in the fog. This is a work by American photographer, Skip Nall, made during Sa Pa tour in 2006.

Sharing the photo, Nall recalls receiving a phone call in 2009, from a company asking to buy a copyright for a print template. At that time, Nall was moving to the Philippines and all the data, files ... were in a cargo ship at sea. He replied to the company that he would call back when he settled in his new home.

The computer and personal data were eventually transferred to Nall's place in the Philippines. But he was too busy to get into the new environment and forgot about the phone.

Six months later, on a night bus ride between the capital Manila, Nall's cell phone rings - the other end was a company man who had called him before. "They are very worried about copyright issues, willing to pay $ 1,000 in advance to use, I wonder what the hell is going on," Nall said. He agreed with the proposal, signed the contract and began transferring the data to them.

Nearly eight months later, his photo is on the shelf of the entire Ikea store chain. In the first week of release, the work attracted the attention of so many people. "I've received countless emails showing how much they love the photo, how cool it looks on the wall and some questions I've taken it," Nall recalls.

Victoria, an American, shares: "At the store in Florida, there were three people (including me) standing there, staring at this photo,We talked about it. What a spectacular eye-catching frame".

Kristi said: "My son saw this photo in the store and liked immediately.", "and unfortunately, the picture is too big for the boy's room (it's ready to put pictures on the ceiling). Recently, my child began to love photography, I hope someday he can tell a story like his. "

American photographers feel lucky and excited to receive a positive response from art lovers. He revealed that he had taken it in Sa Pa, the northern mountainous region of Vietnam.

At present, the wooden bridge has made Nall famous as the attraction of many visitors to discover and capture their impressive photos. Recently, Sarah Tran, a Vietnamese travel blogger named "princess cloud hair", and his boyfriend also visit this bridge.

"A friend of mine living in Germany was so impressed with the picture that he bought the largest size to hang in the room." We could look at it for hours as we chatted and admired the haunting beauty of the work. Every time I walk into an Ikea store anywhere in the world, I see my prints and feel so ecstatic again, "Sarah said.

Do you want to once admire the beauty of this impressive wooden bridge, Sapa trip from Hanoi will bring you more than a unique wooden bridge. Trust me!

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