The trekking trails 3 days 2 nights for Autumn this year

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Trekking in Vietnam is a favourite thing to do for many adventurous travellers. Thanks to the diversified topography, Vietnam offers many stunning trekking routes with varying levels of difficulty, making them suitable for different health conditions and those with different levels of experience. We’ve made a list of the top 5 trekking trails worth exploring, as voted by both locals and foreign travellers.

1. Sapa

The trekking trails 3 days 2 nights for Autumn this year
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Located in the Northwest Mountain area, Sapa Vietnam is the best place for trekking, in which Fansipan trek is the most challenging activity. With the height of 3143 meters, Mt.Fansipan is the highest one in Vietnam as well as in the entire Indochina peninsula. Thus, when you are in the peak, trekking gives you a sense of challenging and winning. 

Besides, when you are trekking in Sapa Vietnam, you will have chance to admire the stunning sceneries of a city merging in the clouds with some beautiful landmarks such as Silver Waterfall, Cloud Bridge….

Especially, the landscape will be more magical when the sunset. What is more, trekking brings you an opportunity to discover the customs and traditions of various ethnic minorities: Dao, Muong… and their local foods by sleeping overnight in their villages. 

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2. Ha Giang

The trekking trails 3 days 2 nights for Autumn this year 1
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The frontier province of Ha Giang in the far north of Vietnam is home to some of the country's most striking landscapes characterised by rolling karst peaks and verdant limestone pinnacles. It's reminiscent of Halong Bay with the jade waters replaced with the vivid greens of the patchwork of rice paddies that carpet the expansive valleys. The provincial town of Ha Giang serves as the capital and is a good base for day treks in the area with budget hotels and cheap restaurants serving basic needs. Longer treks to H'mong villages are available including two-day itineraries to Dong Van and Meo Vac near the Chinese border or the outstanding rice terraces of Hoang Su Phi.

The remoteness of the province is half of the appeal with very few foreign visitors, quiet roads, untouched landscapes and an absence of any commercialism, though this remoteness also means some forward planning is required. By road is the only way to reach Ha Giang with a five hour scenic journey from Hanoi and at present permits need to be obtained if you wish to explore the region north of Ha Giang town.

3. Mai Chau

Easy to hard treks await in Vietnam’s gateway to the mountainous north. Mai Chau has been dubbed Vietnam’s haven for casual hiking for good reason; and it’s also flourishing with ethnic cultures, enhancing every trekking experience.

There are day hikes to be had, but an excellent way to spend your time here is to take on a four-day guided trekking tour during which you’ll be hiking from one mountain village to another. This tour will take you from the city of Mai Chau all the way to Hang Kia in the northwest then backs down to the White Thai village of Van, stopping at other ethnic villages along the way. It isn’t an easy undertaking, but the beautiful views and cultural immersions more than makeup for your hard work.

4. Cao Bang

Cao Bang is one of the best destinations of Vietnam trekking and South East Asia as well. Especially Ban Gioc Waterfall is the fantastic place that trekkers shouldn’t miss thanks to the picturesque scenery of bright blue water, majestic mountains and tropical forests surrounding. It is stunning views that make Cao Bang as a dream destination on the way travel to Vietnam.

5. Mu Cang Chai

The trekking trails 3 days 2 nights for Autumn this year 4
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Mu Cang Chai is a remote district of Yen Bai province, where you can find the most breathtaking landscapes of rice terraces recognized as the national heritage in 2007. Trips to Mu Cang Chai offer you chances to enjoy this wonderful terraced rice fields with interesting trekking routes to high mountain slopes scattered with villages of local ethnics, to get to know daily life of local people. Mu Cang Chai trekking tour 3 days is a wonderful journey for you to explore Mu Cang Chai’s landscapes – the breathtaking beauty of rice terraces on mountain slopes dotted with remote villages of local ethnics;  to learn about local cultures & their customs in northern mountains of Vietnam.You will have one night hotel and one night homestaying with local families; tasting authentic local foods; and chances to interact with friendly local residents. This trekking is suitable for the ones who love natural sceneries, trekking activities and to experience local ethnic cultures.

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