Now is the best time to see terraced rice fields in Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

Nga Do
Mu Cang Chai Vietnam  is one of the most amazing landscapes of rice-terraced fields in Vietnam. Mu Cang Chai is famous for the stretch of hazardous roads spreading out for tens kilometers of infinite and primeval landscapes, grandiose ranges of mountains and the peaceful and poetic picture of ethnics’ houses covered by terrace fields.
About some 280 km Northwest of Hanoi, Mu Cang Chai is one of the most amazing landscapes of rice-terraced fields in Vietnam.

Ever wanted to take pictures of the golden field? Now is the best time for you to do that. You make it right in Mu Cang Chai during the harvest time as the fields now look brilliant yellow with its fullest attractiveness. Many Mong ethnic farmers wearing their traditional attire come to the field to harvest the ripe rice, and it’s time for you to photograph the perfect blend of human and nature (mountains, hills, rice fields, bridges, streams, rivers, etc.). Also, you find the ethnic-minority moms that are working while carrying their infants by using their cloth as the cradle on the back. There are many kids available that run, chat, and giggle happily.

What could be more incredible than witnessing the change from green to yellow of the terraced rice fields of Mu Cang Chai? If possible, come in June and then September, you will find out the miracle with the most extraordinary photos ever. Magically, the enormous yellow staircases are said to take you from earth to heaven. Everybody will say “wow” the first time they look at your imposing photos about the green and yellow Mu Cang Chai field. So, trust us! You can freely photograph the natural highlights and the daily activities of the ethnic minority groups here.

There in Mu Cang Chai, terraced rice fields rise and fall around hillsides and mountainsides as well as streams and rivers, making them look like giant yellow staircases for people to step from earth to heaven. Terraced rice fields have been not only a source of food and income for the Mong people; they are an intrinsic part of their culture and Mu Cang Chai, which is itself a quiet town on the bank of the Nam River.

Fashioned over many centuries, the yellow terraced fields are now a symbol of the mountainous district and make it one of the top destinations for those who seek to look into the life of ethnic minority groups in the countryside and the natural surroundings… Click to see Mu Cang Chai Terraced Rice Fields Tour Program in rice season.

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