If Sapa Is Not A Dream

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With endless passion for tourism, Hoang Minh Thuong (born in 1991) has made the familiar Sapa travel becomes more special than ever.

Sapa is famous as the misty town, with wild nature, beautiful, fresh climate, cool. It is also known for its unique ethnic cultures. All have created a necessary and sufficient conditions for Sapa to become a "tourist paradise" in the hearts of young people and especially attracts crowds of visitors at all times of the year in the North.

If Sapa Is Not A Dream
Photo by Minh Thương
Hoang Minh Thuong is now an office worker in Hanoi, not only a passion traveler but also a left-hand man. Minh Thuong had many voyages to explore along Vietnam, from Moc Chau, Mai Chau in early morning fog or An Giang to remember the West. With 9X girls, youth is associated with the long journey.

With his real experiences, Minh Thuong shared: "I always conceive that mountain tourism in the North, sea in the South, the human friendly of Central Vietnam. Sapa is one of the most beautiful and beautiful mountains in the North. Sapa is beautiful every season, also has its own special characteristics. "

Spring in Sapa is covered with flowers peach, apricot, cold weather romantic. This is the best time to enjoy the sun, the wind and the fresh air of the mountains and forests. Sapa spring with thousands of flowers blooming throughout the hills, midway down the slope. The valleys, slopes or streets of the town are filled with flowers, all the most beautiful, the most colorful picture you can see when coming to Sapa spring.

The Summer is green with Su Su fields, new rice, Cai Meo. The summer of Vietnam is extremely hot, but in Sapa the air is much softer, it is like a small temperate city of Europe. Sapa has only a rice crop of 6 months, farmers sow in early May, the rice turns green in July. The terraced fields as they were wrapped in a new blue shirt. Summer is also a great time to Sapa to avoid hot.

If Sapa Is Not A Dream 1
Photo by Minh Thương
Autumn is the time when rice starts to ripen all over the field. Sapa scenery turns brilliant gold, embracing the mountains and forests of the Northwest. The terraced fields are bright colors in the sun is the moment that everyone must be surprised.

Winter with snow and typical cold air of Sapa, this is the only place that has snow in a tropical country like Vietnam. Snow-covered white roofs of ethnic minority, and the mountain ranges winding Sapa is as beautiful as any European city you know.

Because of the diversity of each season, each time that you can "carry balo and go" Sapa any time.

How to Sapa?

Sapa town, Lao Cai is about 376km to Hanoi, to Sapa, you can choose three means of transportation such as motorcycles, cars and trains.

How to stay?

Sapa has too many choice of motel, hotel from budget to luxury. Minh Thuong share, if you can select luxury Pao’s Sapa Leisure, Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa, topas ecolodge... for to homestay.

The delicious food in Sapa

Salmon steak, mackerel, Su Su vegetables, thang co hotpot, sturgeon hotpot, grilled eggs, Com Lam, grilled chicken ... are the indispensable dishes when coming to Sa Pa.

What to play in Sapa?

Conquering Fanxipan - roof of the Indochina: Fansipan is the highest mountain of the Indochinese peninsula. At an altitude of 3,143 m, located in the heart of Hoang Lien Son Range, Fanxipan is the first destination in the list of first destinations when coming to Sapa. At present, the tram and cable system are convenient and convenient for traveling to Fanxipan.

Ta Van - Lao Chai: Two village most beautiful in Sapa. Here, you can choose accommodation services, explore the customs and habits of indigenous people.

In addition, interesting destinations of Sapa you should experience such as Cat Cat, Ham Rong Mountain, Stone Church, Silver waterfalls, O Quy Ho pass...

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