Ha Giang Stone Plateau - The Most Wonderful "Hiking" Place In The Northern Vietnam

Nga Do
“Considered the final frontier of Vietnam, Ha Giang boasts nature that is true to the meaning of the word “pristine”. The border with China has kept most tourists away from Ha Giang, which is bad for tourism but allows it to keep its intact nature”
Ha Giang Stone Plateau - The Most Wonderful "Hiking" Place In The Northern Vietnam
Photo by Giang A Phon
Ha Giang is on Vietnam’s most northerly regions with a unique geographical makeup and diverse range of cultures. The mountainous area with towering limestone peaks, share a 270 km border with neighbouring China and plays host to the border crossing at Thanh Thuy. This remote and stunningly beautiful area is one of the last areas of Vietnam that requires tourists to obtain a visa in order to visit, but not to worry it is relatively cheap and easy to purchase one. Although gaining popularity with tourists, this remarkable area is still off the beaten track and goes unnoticed by many. Those that do make it to what is known as the “Final Frontier of Vietnam” are rewarded by sweeping views of karst mountains, carpets of flowers, colourful markets and rich, diverse ethnic minority communities.

With pine forests, granite mountains, quiet farming villages, and heavenly views in every direction, Ha Giang is an illustration of how nature can flourish when unsullied. The trekking routes in Ha Giang fall far enough from the tourist circuit, so you can wander its mountainsides uninterrupted for days at a time, and local interactions are based on mutual curiosity rather than commerce. We’d say that is enough to make it the perfect alternative to trekking in Sapa.

Make no mistake that Ha Giang makes for a rugged trip. Sharing a border with China, Ha Giang is the northernmost point in Vietnam, and often referred to as the country’s final frontier. To put it simply, it’s way the hell out there, and there are a few ways that your plans can fall through the cracks along the way. You won’t have nearly as many options for accommodation, dining, tour guides, etc. in Ha Giang as you would in Sapa, and it’s very possible that your trekking guide won’t speak much English.

If you’re interested in trekking in Ha Giang, you can either arrange a trek in Ha Giang from Hanoi. Contact us if you need information or assistance when traveling to Vietnam.

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