Discover the most hard to miss flower season in the last months of the year in Vietnam

Nga Do
In the last months of the year, visitors everywhere poured into Ha Giang to admire the majestic but seductive beauty of flowers blooms on rocks - buckwheat flower.

Discover the most hard to miss flower season in the last months of the year in Vietnam
Photo by Giang A Phon
This time, the roads to Lung Cu, Ha Giang province, are covered by buckwheat flowers. Tourists are flocking to Ha Giang to see and take pictures of buckwheat blossoms.

Buckwheat is the characterized flower in the northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam, with wild beauty. Buckwheat flowers bloom from October to November. Visitors will see rocky plateau decorated with buckwheat forests that extend over the Quan Ba ​​Dong Van, Yen Minh and Meo Vac mountain districts. The pure beauty of the flower dazzles nature lovers.

The history of buckwheat flowers is as old as the generations of the Mong ethnic minority group in Ha Giang. It is said that in ancient times, a famine devastated villages. Since the land was barren, local people went in search of food. One day, an extraordinary fragrance appealed to the peasants. Among the rocks, they discovered small white pink flowers whose nuts tasted as subtle as rice and corn. Since then, the Mong have used the buckwheat flowers’ nuts as staples like maize and rice. Local people also make buckwheat cakes and wine.

Yet this incredible beauty has completely fallen into oblivion. It was not until social networks began to show off this beautiful landscape to tourists. There are indeed photos posted on Facebook that have made buckwheat flowers of Ha Giang known to young people.

At this time, northern mountainous provinces are covered by this kind of flower. In Lao Cai, buckwheat flowers grow more in the northern districts of Simacai, Bat Xat, Bac Ha and Muong Khuong. In Cao Bang, Tra Linh and Trung Khanh are the two areas for buckwheat. But Ha Giang is the best place to see buckwheat flowers.

In order to promote the tourism potential of the region, Ha Giang authorities decided to increase the buckwheat fields to attract more visitors as possible. A festival will be launched on November to honor the beauty of buckwheat flowers and promote the charm of the limestone plateaus.

Whoever you are? Where are you? The beauty of nature is always what makes your heart sob. Let your soul into the beauty of nature in Ha Giang:

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