Autumn is the perfect time to visit Sapa

Nga Do
Arrive Sa Pa in the autumn, visitors to admire the terraced fields have gone bright yellow, mix into the atmosphere of a new celebration of rice.

Autumn is the perfect time to visit Sapa 3
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours

Although every season of the year, Sa Pa have their own beauty, but with autumn, the land of high mountains is very different.  Autumn on Sa Pa bring the mist early morning on the roof, stained golden rice terraces and the afternoon of sadness.

From September to October, terraced rice fields in Sa Pa reappeared in brilliant gold. At this time the weather is in autumn, cool, pleasant with a bit of light wind, have light sunshine, which makes it easier to see the rice in Sa Pa more favorable.

Rice season is ripe, terraced rice fields turn golden color makes the tourists love the beauty and prosperity of this place.

Coming to Sa Pa in the autumn, it is certain to visit Ta Van, Lao Chai, Den village, Trung Chai, Ta Phin ... The place where people see the golden season becomes more passionate, a beautiful dynamic heart.

You just have to pick a corner on high, climb up and look at the vast terraced fields below with the smoke going around ... a sense of peace can not be expressed in words.

You also get yourself into the bustling atmosphere, full of joy in pounding rice to make Com, preparing for the new rice celebration, held in the sense of summarizing one year of production, offering the fruits of labor for heaven and earth, praying for good weather, praying for good harvest and expressing sincere heart with ancestor.

Coming to Sa Pa in the autumn, strolling through familiar places such as stone church, beautiful Cat Cat village or colorful market, suddenly found this land makes people are extremely loving.

Wandering in a certain place, sipping hot coffee cups, watching the land so romantic poetry and open the stretch of chest to breathe a little bit of life, quiet peace to strange.

Sa Pa is in the most beautiful season of the year, the clouds hugging the high peaks, the trees also gradually pour out leaves, not as green as the sunny summer days shimmering, however, human hearts do not lose the love of homely things here.

Do not be too immersed in the rice fields but forget to enjoy specialties such as salmon, sticky rice, grilled food ...

Maybe come to Sapa in the autumn, you understand why this place attracts tourists so. Autumn is crowded, then spring to summer, four Sa Pa season is still sweet and clear as the blue sky wide open here. A nostalgia to send back Sa Pa beautiful autumn day to hug.

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