24 hours drop in the nature along the river Ninh Binh

Nga Do
Away from the dust of the city, Ninh Binh is an ideal destination and is no stranger than just less than 100 km from Hanoi.

As the first stop of the Trans-Viet train, we arrived in Ninh Binh after 2 hours of experience on board. Arriving at the station at 8am, thinking that I only have 24 hours in this land, we are more eager.

9h, after checking in at the homestay, where is famous for beautiful lotus pond and renting a motorbike, We left for the Mua cave place just 20 minutes away. Tickets are 100.000 VND. After stepping 500 steps, from the top of the mountain, we can admire the whole beauty of Tam Coc, the place is called the fairy scene.

Lunch and enjoy the dishes made from goat meat in a famous restaurant in the area, we can not ignore the goat legs, grilled meat and especially the burnt rice Ninh Binh, fragrant crushed crushed in the mouth without feeling a bit greasy.

Continue exploring Ninh Binh with a trip to Tam Coc - Bich Dong by boat, only about 2 hours, you will be satisfied with the image of river water in the bottom view. The green moss boulders bend under the water, the two sides of the majestic limestone mountains.

Fortunately, I was in the homestay's VIP room right next to the cliff, now we are really separated from the outside world. It is only a stream of trees and flowers, a feeling if you do not enjoy will never figure it out ....

After enjoying the homestay prepared dinner, we let ourselves into the tranquility of the lake, the space that remains. Each moment is precious. The first day of the trans-Vietnam journey ended in the peace of mind.

View from beautiful bedrooms difficult to resist. The next morning, we were awakened by the chirping of birds. Both rush to the door filled with a chest of fresh air in the morning, feeling the body is clean.

After having breakfast and wandering around the lotus pond, we first experienced rowing. Feel yourself driving the small raft floating on the water, watching the moss winding bottom, the sides of the hills are majestic. Each ray of light through the tree, the eyes in the add, the soul as static. This relaxed moment is really good to see how useful it is to clear away the stresses in your heart.

24 hours is short but extremely wonderful, experience the grandeur of the immature, coolness that is the life of the cool river, the gentle purity of the lotus, and the sensation of cleansing the body. Strong for us firmly on our path. Our journey is quite long with the crossroads, there are new to see, Vietnam is very beautiful!

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