Trekking in September - a stunning experience to remember in Sapa

Nga Do
Sapa is one of the most breathtaking hill stations in Vietnam which reflects the signature of French architecture and colorful hill tribal cultures. This is home to stunning mountain landscapes, verdant rice terraces, unique stilt villages and Indochina peak, the Fansipan. 

Trekking in September - a stunning experience to remember in Sapa
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Sapa in September is the most beautiful season with many stunning landscapes, especially Sapa town – a place of rippling mountains, cascading rice terraces and some famous villages here, they have many private majestic scenes with special cultures.

To be sure of beautiful golden rice fields, visit to September. Following local people, visitors can trek across many layers of golden rice. Seeing how people harvest rice is also very interesting. Each layer of rice will be cut in order. There are some rice fields already harvested and some still in progress.

Powerful and nippy farmers engaged in the harvest of rice and transport to the designated area for threshing. Some children also help parent some easy works. Everybody is hurry but happy, some people sing when working, they said that make they get more energy.

In lately afternoon, rice is transported in cow chariot or horse chariot in the small trail coming home. The sun is going down, behind the distant mountains, giving magical light cover all the fields. It is such the most peaceful and beautiful picture we ever seen.

The September is coming soon, sapa will be in the best time of the year when you can see the golden rice terraces and get the beautiful weather. That time also is perfect for trekking in sapa, It is dry and colder. Let’s go with Vietnam Typical Tours to discover this beauty during hiking in Sapa in 2 days.

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