The tips of travelling to Sapa by bus from Hanoi

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In the recent years, Sapa is recommended as one of the most destinations in Vietnam which attracts more and more tourists yearly. However, but with no nearby airport the only option for getting there is to travel by road or rail and, despite being only 315 kilometers from Hanoi, it’s a time-consuming exercise whichever route you take, so choose carefully. Currently, traveling by bus from Hanoi to Sapa Vietnam is one of the most popular types by some advantages.

Sapa can also be reached by bus which is faster but it is less comfortable and less safe — although there have been no reported serious accidents on that particular route, if you can’t get booked on the train or want an option with cheaper price. There are two options for you: by sleeper bus or express Hanoi to Sapa bus. By sleeper bus, it takes you 8-9 hours to go directly to Sapa town.

The tips for you traveling by bus from Hanoi to Sapa Vietnam

Choosing the high quality bus

There are 5-7 bus companies departing between Hanoi to Sapa with need over 5 hours. Most buses offer comfortable seat, and bus are generally cheaper than train tickets. You can consider the list of recommended bus companies.

Victoria Sapa Coach

Operated by Victoria hotels and resorts, a famous hotel chain in Southeast Asia, Victoria Sapa Coach is on the same par of excellence as Victoria Express train. This bus has created by 24 reclining seats, making your 5 hour transfering.

Since its opening, Victoria Coach presents its image as a 5-star bus specializing in serving international tourists. With fully-equipped models, Victoria Coach promises to ensure the absolute safety for its customers. This bus is built by the luxury interior allow tourists to enjoy a good journey in the relaxation.


Don’t worry about the conflict of language, the staff in this bus completely speak English very well in order to adapt your requests. Besides, the leather seats, individual tablets with headphone, power socket for phone charging, Wi-Fi  are prepared for clients. Passengers will provided wet tissues, snacks, and 1 bottle of mineral water.

EcoSapa Limousine

EcoSapa is operating 2 Limousine cars to bring tourists from Hanoi to Sapa and vice versa. Ecosapa Limousine will bring tourists the satisfaction with modern facilities for a trip to reach the most favorite destination in Vietnam.


Especially, if you want to get the best services, let’s choose one of 9 luxury soft seats to create a spacious and airy space. This bus is also constructed by the modern amenities such as TV, Wi-Fi, electricity sockets, transport insurance for their customers. Thus, Ecosapa Limousine has pleased a great number of customers.

Sapa Express bus

Sapa Express is a luxury seating bus connecting Hanoi – Sapa and vice versa. They have gained the satisfaction from millions of customers travelling to one of the most favorite destinations in Vietnam, during more than 5 years.


Limousine Noble 29-seat/ 45-seat is a high-quality and new model bus. This bus provides customers air-conditioning, cold towels,… Otherwise, like others bus, clients are also offered the mineral waters, blankets, pillows, and snacks.

King Express Bus

King Express Limousine is a popular brand for coach service from Hanoi to Sapa. It ensures their passengers to feel comfortable by 8 seats and exceptional punctuality, from Hanoi to Sapa (drop off in Ta Van village is available for $5 extra).


King Express offers a spacious and airy space for customers. Offering luxury interior and other services including TV, Wi-Fi, electricity sockets, cup holder, transport insurance.

The best time to visit Sapa is September to October, is known as the “golden season” and is actually the best time to travel the mountainous region in the Northwest, which includes Sapa in Lao Cai province and Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai province.

Make a perfect plan to visit Sapa's ripe rice season this year. If you need support, do not hesitate, please connect with us:

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