Terraces Fields - brand of Northern Vietnam. So, where is the best destination to enjoy it?

Nga Do
Do you know the brand of travel in northern Vietnam?

More or less you have heard or read somewhere about northern Vietnam. Indeed, northern Vietnam is famous for its pictures of majestic terraces. It has become a monopoly brand for this land.

Anybody who has ever visited the northern region during the harvest season cannot help but be astonished at the stunning beauty of terraced fields which undulate around the hillsides and mountainsides as well as streams and rivers, resembling giant yellow staircases allowing people to step from Earth to heaven.

Vietnam’s northern mountains provide a wealth of inspiration to photographers. The region attracts tourists for its unspoiled beauty and winding terraced fields nestled in the valleys and mountain slopes. Terraced field have become a typical feature of local inhabitants.

The history of terraced fields is associated with the history of residence of ethnic groups in Vietnam’s northern mountains. Their cultural values are reflected in the farming experience, production customs, the formation of terraced fields of each ethnic group.

A terraced field has many levels in series and each level is a small field. The more levels there are, the more farming techniques the owner has. Given the scarcity of flat land, wet rice growers use hillsides to create an even and flat plot of land which looks like a three-step staircase. That’s the way terraced fields were created, a rare feature of Vietnam’s wet rice civilisation.

The land exploitation and rice cultivation has been maintained from generation to generation over hundreds of years. Each terraced field creates a beautiful picture on the hillside. Together with the formation of terraced fields and the sedentary farming, ethnic groups the northern mountains have adopted many traditional festivals and cultural activities associated with agricultural production.

During the harvest time in October, the gold rice field stands out of green forests, creating a magnificent picture in Vietnam’s northern part. Let's explore best famous places to see amazing rice terraces in Vietnam.

Sapa: Listed as the national heritage by Vietnam and among the world’s 11 most beautiful terraced fields, according to Touropia, an international travel website. The best time to see rice terraces in Sapa is from July - Early October. 

Mu Cang Chai: 300 kilometers from Hanoi, Mu Cang Chai is famous for its 700 hectares of terraced rice fields and has become a popular destination for tourists, researchers and photographers. Best time to visit here from September to October

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