Take part in exciting new activities in Sapa

Nga Do
Coming to Sapa, besides the familiar experience of watching the spectacular terraces, trekking through unique tribe village and Hoang Lien mountain range. Here are the new experiences in Sapa that you can add to your Sapa trip.
Visit the strawberry garden, actiso garden

For many people, strawberry or actiso has long been a symbol, attached to Da Lat. In fact, there is no need to go to Dalat but to Sa Pa is also able to discover the beautiful strawberries and actiso. Due to the humid, temperate subtropical climate, the cool air all year round in Sa Pa is ideal for growing these plants.

Strawberry and artichoke gardens in Sa Pa are concentrated in Ta Phin. Just to the village, it is not difficult to find the gardens with red ripe strawberries, next to the blue color. Most of the strawberries here are grown according to VietGap standards.

At the same time, the actiso green fields covered with the mountains are worth exploring. Especially in May to July every year is the atiso season in Sapa. Compared with strawberries, actiso is present in Sa Pa quite early but has only grown for nearly 20 years.

Enjoy the scenic Sa Pa from the mountain train

Journey to explore the northwestern highland by Muong Hoa mountain climbing train is like a movie with beautiful scenes. In that film, visitors are not only overwhelmed by the old French architecture of the station to Sa Pa, but also will be attracted by the luxury and sophistication of the interior of the car.

From above, you will admire the terraces fields brilliant yellow, winding around the hillside, the spectacular mountains and the sincere people who are eagerly working.

A completely different experience, new, unique and attractive. A journey to discover Sapa from Hanoi will surely bring you memories that will never be forgotten.

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