Start the summer voyage with the Queen's Day Festival in Halong

Nga Do
In order to bring a festive atmosphere like the "orange vortex" for Ha Long Bay, the "Queen's Day" festival is a series of events "4 seasons of wonderful color - Summer Voyage" was held.

This is also a welcome event for the first owners of the shophouses under the Sun Premier Village project in Ha Long Bay. Visitors to the festival not only choose souvenirs as gifts for friends, relatives or try attractive street food but also participate in a series of unique art activities.

After watching the performance of street magic, Ms. Bich Phuong (Bai Chay, Ha Long) exclaimed: "Before now I only see through TV street magic games, think only in foreign countries and then they use techniques. The first time I saw it in real life made me very surprised and excited. "

Mr. Quoc Hung (a tourist from Hai Phong) participates in a small game named "Try the beer racetrack" also excitedly shared: "Beer is an indispensable companion of men. Today I have had beer and gifts, and I felt very interesting. "

In addition to the impressive experience, visitors to the festival "Queen's Day" also participate in many activities such as joining in the songs, exciting dance, lottery program with many attractive gifts.

Although the weather is not favorable, but the festival "Queen's Day" has left in the hearts of visitors unforgettable impression. On August 11th, the series of events "4 seasons of wonderful color - Summer Voyage" will take visitors to the famous islands of the world such as Hawaii with charming folk dance Halu, or small scenery of North America, first appeared in Ha Long.

Specifically on August 11th will be the Aloha festival; August 18th is the Panafest festival; August 8 is the Yosakoi festival. The event is open to all visitors. At the event, visitors have the opportunity to visit, learn about the last boutique shophouse in the area.

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