Should travel to Ha Giang in month of the year?

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Not too noisy but still bring in the pristine beauty, it is the beautiful Ha Giang. If you are choosing a time travel to Ha Giang, Let's take a look at some of these suggestions below!

Should travel to Ha Giang in month of the year? 4
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You can go to Ha Giang at any time of the year because of the above weather patterns, Ha Giang has been given a great advantage to climate. However, our will suggest to you the special features of each time Ha Giang tourism so you can choose the best for your trip!

Around the beginning of spring, to Ha Giang, you will discover the traditional festivals here. If you are a traveler who explores, explores the culture of the region, this is the time for those who like to explore the culture in Ha Giang.

You will be witnessed the Longevity wishing ceremony of the Tay - This is the traditional custom of the Tay people, is also the time that the children reunited to celebrate grandparents, parents are happy.

Not only that, at the beginning of spring, Ha Giang also has many different festivals such as buffalo grapple festival, horse racing festival, Long Tong festival ... these festivals are attracting a lot of tourists. So if you choose this time, you should book ahead and plan ahead soon!

Around March, Ha Giang will like to put on a different color from the peach garden - plum flowers bloom full spring. This is a great time for those who are passionate about photography or couples looking for a great wedding photo. You can comfortably design, take photos, save beautiful memories in Ha Giang in March.

In April, Ha Giang has a big festival that is Khau Vai love market. Coming to Khau Vai love market in April to know a special cultural features of Ha Giang. A bustling space with crowded people coming to the festival.

May and June are the most attractive time of Ha Giang. At this time, the beauty of Ha Giang is the beauty from the winding terraced fields to welcome water from the mountain to come back. Water overflows like a new coat.

This is also the time when people start down to prepare for the new crop. If you choose the time to travel Ha Giang in May, June, you will be in harmony with the bustling atmosphere of working people, with them down the field in a happy mood.

In August and September, you will admire beautiful scenery "1-0-2" when Ha Giang in the season of ripe rice, you will be watching the terraced fields with a golden color of rice. Not only watching, you also feel, smell the scent of rice and smell the country when it came here.

October and November are the time when buckwheat flowers blossom with a violet color throughout the hillsides, the foot of the mountain as a purple carpet spread. A romantic purple color, romantic air with cold air here is the time Ha Giang tourism is ideal for couples looking to find romance when love.

After the buckwheat flowers, you will witness the brilliant yellow flower season in December. The broccoli blooms, spreads a brilliant yellow color, you come here to capture beautiful and beautiful moments. romantic.

In short, at what time, Ha Giang will also be beautiful in its own way. Wish you soon find the time to travel Ha Giang suitable and enjoy your trip the most complete.

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