Photo: Foreign tourists also sad when Vietnam loses Korea

Nga Do
Screaming, happy to worry, desperate is the emotional supply are hard to describe the foreign tourists cheer for the Vietnamese team in Ta Hien street (Hanoi).

On the afternoon of August 29, the time of the match between the Vietnam Olympic and the Korean Olympic , Ta Hien Street (Hanoi) became more exciting than ever. Many tourists here are cheering for the Vietnam team.

For foreign fans, this is an interesting experience. Many shops, bustling bar guests, the owner must queue up the sidewalk.

Many foreign fans wear banners, stickers ... cheer Olympics Vietnam. In the opening minutes, the Korean Olympic scored twice, many of them nervous.

Putting hope in the Vietnamese Olympic , many fans were shocked when South Korea scored the first goal, the laughter said quickly disappeared as the first minute.

Many foreign fans present at Ta Hien have used umbrellas for rain, they said heavy rain can not stop them to football.

After Lee Seung Woo, dubbed the "messi Korea", scored the third goal, raising the score to 3 - 0, many of whom were hopeless.

70 minutes into the match, player of the match - Minh Vuong scored in the net South Korea from the beautiful penalty kick, Ta Hien Street burst in the cheers.

The flames of hope once again linger in the hearts of the supporters.

At the last minute, after a series of missed opportunities from the Vietnamese side, sadness once again manifested on the faces of the foreign fans.

The match ended 3 - 1 in favor of Korea, many visitors still lingered with regret, eyes staring at the screen, can not believe what has just happened.

For them, this is a great experience in the S-shaped country. Vietnam reached the semi-finals is a feat and will meet opponents lost in the battle of Japan and the UAE.

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